Taurus chose Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Canada (just outside Edmonton) for its head office and main operations primarily for ease of accessibility to most of Western Canada’s industrial plants, sites and major projects. It’s a gateway to the north, a global transportation hub with access to all modes or methods of transportation and access to all heavy haul corridors. Our management team has an extensive combined history of more than 100 years in construction, of all types and disciplines. Taurus offers a large and varied cross-section of services, all of which are necessary for the successful completion of today’s complex and highly regulated projects. We also have offices in Calgary, Fort McMurray and Saskatchewan and sights on more, for future growth and expansion.

Taurus prides itself on timely and professional delivery of quality services. With our up-to-date fleet of equipment and a flexible approach to client needs, we provide earthworks, excavation, trenching, piling, roadworks, bridges, manage laydowns, install and maintain trailers, snow removal, building erection, facilities, waste management and many other specialized services. We encourage and support a diversified workforce. Our team of almost 500 skilled professionals are able to respond to every project with safe, consistent quality and focused attention and as we complete each project successfully, adding to our extensive history of achievements.

With a strong belief in safety and a history of accountability, we are able to focus on the quality of our services. We are committed to our clients and employees achieved through careful strategic growth and continuous improvement and, in this way, we bring quality to each project.

Fab Loranger


Kaley Smith


Claude Jeddry

VP Operations

Ryan Midgley

Equipment Manager

Kristen Kirkland

Human Resources

Janice Allin