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The Five Most In-Demand Construction Jobs in Canada 2017

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The Five Most In-Demand Construction Jobs in Canada 2017


Statistics for 2017 indicate that some of the most in demand jobs happen to be in the construction industry. Having the right south after skills and experience in a trade increases job prospects and opportunities. According to the Canadian Construction Association, the construction sector of the Canadian economy employs 1.37 million Canadians and is responsible for nearly $119 billion in economic activity. With that in mind, here are some jobs that are presently in demand and are likely to remain so in the future.



1. Electricians

Licensed electricians are highly sought after in commercial, industrial and residential areas. Entirely responsible for laying out, assembling, installing, testing and repairing electrical wiring, fixtures and control devices, an electrician’s skills are essential to every construction project. Starting a business is another option that creates the opportunity to branch out in other directions.


2. Hydropower Experts

Hydropower represents one of the most natural conversions of the earth’s resources into energy and creates 63% of the electrical supply in Canada. As Canada is a world leader in the hydropower industry and with an increasing demand for clean energy, more jobs will become available in this area. Jobs include mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering as well as a variety of trades. With more than 500 hydroelectric power plants in Canada, there is the potential for a variety of work.


3. Miners and Oil and Gas Drillers

Despite the economic downturn, skilled miners, oil and gas drillers and other occupations related to this industry are still in demand. 6,700 wells are forecast to be drilled across Canada this year with Alberta leading the way. There is also a demand for crush proof sand that is used to help extract shale from oil and gas and more drilling rigs are being set up as a result of this cost saving process.


4. Health and Safety Trainers and Educators

A construction job site can be a dangerous place to work. The amount of injuries that construction workers sustain are proof of that. Having proper health and safety training for workers is a key component in maintaining a highly efficient job site. Days lost due to injuries  can compromise the successful completion of a project. Staff who are well trained about the use of equipment, proper protective clothing, safety monitoring and emergency response are a valuable asset to any organization.


5.Construction/Project Managers

A construction manager’s duties are varied. From overseeing contractors to hiring and firing workers, a good manager has to have a wide set of skills. Creating schedules, ensuring safety standards and maintaining communication between various people on the job site is the responsibility of the manager and every company knows that the outcome of a project is directly affected by the capability of the project manager. This job will continue to be in demand as construction projects continue to increase.


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