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Common Services


Taurus get it right, and on-time.

Taurus is involved in some of the most prestigious building and infrastructure projects, working with both private and public-sector clients. We also deliver numerous smaller projects.  By combining our skills and experience in construction and infrastructure development we have become leaders in our field.  Taurus make a positive difference to each project. We are commited to a more sustainable world, creating green solutions and setting high standards in green construction.

Just some of the services we provide are;general-civil5

  • Erection and dismantling of scaffolding
  • General maintenance of site trailers
  • Office partition construction, shelves, storage sheds, etc.
  • Construction of stairs and railings, ramps, sidewalks and barricades
  • Installation of site trailers, blocking and spillage dike construction
  • Concrete cribbing and placement
  • Construction and maintenance of brass alley and security shacks
  • Furniture assembly, placement and office setup
  • Miscellaneous welding repairs and maintenance of equipment
  • 24 hr snow removal and sanding of entire construction site
  • De-icing, scraping, ripping services
  • Sanding of site trailer areas using specialized equipment
  • Rail spur maintenance
  • Roadside assistance services
  • booster services and underground service protectiontools2
  • Washing, fuelling and maintenance of all site equipment
  • Mobilization, maintenance and demobilization of temporary buildings of just about any nature including offices, lunchrooms, warehouses, cold storage, etc.
  • Temporary water, air, gas and sewage installations
  • Office equipment, furniture, computers and supplies
  • Janitorial service
  • Garbage removal, area cleanup
  • Heating & hoarding of direct winter work
  • Overhead protection
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Production surveys
  • Small tools and consumables
  • Construction equipment assembly and disassembly
  • Construction equipment rental
  • Shuttle service
  • Heater & propane service

Please contact us for a complete list.