Environmental Promoting Sustainable Buisness Practices



The environment matters at Taurus

Our Management team are committed to protecting the envrironment for our client's employees, our sub-contractors and the general public, as well as preserving the quality of the environment for future generations.

At Taurus, we understand the importance of protecting the environment. This is, after all, where we live and raise our families.  In all areas of our company, we do everything possible to operate as a sustainable business. Our aim is to make sure that all of the activities we carry out should cause the minimum negative impact to the environment where possible.


Just some of the services we provide are;

  • Site-specific WHMIS/TDG trained personnel
  • Qualified Environmental Assessment Service
  • Emergency spill response, containment, pickup and remediation
  • Construction and Management of environmental holding areas
  • Dust control
  • De-watering and Vac truck services
  • Site reclamation, topsoil and landscaping
  • Implementation and maintenance of recycling programs
  • Waste handling and storage management
  • Sub-grade protection liners Installation

Please contact us for a complete list.