Parking, Roads & Laydown We've got it covered.


Taurus has the drive to get you there.

Taurus has built on its strengths as a specialist road construction contractor to become a multi-disciplined, civil engineering business.  Coupled with our traditional road and pavement building experience, we have now developed these skills into other work areas, particularly civil engineering, groundworks and infrastructure schemes. We are not limited to large projects. Our extensive experience of value engineering has gained us an excellent reputation for delivering quality within time and with significant cost saving.


Just some of the services we provide are;

  • Preparation of sub-grade and construction of both temporary and permanent roads, parking lots and lay down areas
  • Dust control of all site roads and work areas
  • Steam truck de-icing services
  • Construction of heavy haul roads, temporary bridges, timber pads
  • Installation of guardrails on construction site roads
  • Construction and maintenance of country roads outside the perimeter
  • Concrete curb installation and asphalt paving service
  • Right of way clearing and maintenance
  • Supply and installation of environmental bridges, texas gates, rig mats
  • Construction of and maintenance to site roadways, including ditches, site drainage, culvert installation, de-watering and vacuum truck service

Please contact us for a complete list.