Forecast of Alberta’s Economy Going into 2017

Alberta’s economy has been in a tailspin since 2014 when the price of oil crashed. The Fort McMurray fires further contributed to the economic decline. Uncertainty remains about the future of oil prices and global economic conditions; the outcomes are difficult to predict. Some financial experts believe 2017 will be the year of recovery for [...]

Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on Alberta Roads

Winter has arrived bringing with it the challenges of bad weather. Before winter strikes full force, make sure you and your car are ready. During the busyness of the holiday travel season, take your time to follow these tips to ensure you get to your destination and back home safely. Before driving, make sure snow [...]

How to Get Your Construction Site Ready for Snow and Winter

Winter conditions in Alberta can start in October and continue through to April. Weather and environmental conditions during this time create hazards. Pre-season planning is an important aspect of handling winter conditions. Planning is the best way to ensure risks such as minimizing cold exposure and protection from blowing wind. A risk of injuries to [...]

A Look Back at Our Greatest Hits on Social Media

In the latter part of our decade working in Alberta's construction industry, we've invested more time and effort into our online presence to further our company values of transparency and accountability. Now, we're celebrating a recent accomplishment of hitting over 2,000 followers on Facebook and 7,000 followers on Twitter by taking a look back at some [...]

Taurus in the Community – How We Help Our Neighbors

The benefits of community-business partnerships are numerous. From a business perspective, the relationship provides visibility for companies working within the community. A partnership can open up new business opportunities when the community directly or indirectly supports the business. Working within the community can expose a company to processes and/or skills that if implemented, can improve [...]

Why the Green Building Boom is Good for the Construction Industry

The commitment and transition towards green construction or sustainable building is increasing as society is becoming more conscious of the environment. Building green is good for the environment, the community, and the economy. By using less energy, less water and fewer materials and natural resources, green building has a less harmful impact on the environment. [...]

Who We Work With – Our Partners in the Construction Industry

Taurus is connected to several associations and companies that help us maintain high standards of competency and quality. Our partnerships vary as need dictates; to gain a better understanding of the of the commitment Taurus has to superior work and client service, it’s helpful to note who our partners are. Alberta Construction Association The ACA [...]

5 Creative Shipping Container Construction Projects

In 2006, Southern California Architect Peter DeMaria, designed the first two story shipping container home in the US as an approved structural system. Shipping container architecture has grown in popularity over the last several years due to the containers wide availability, low expense, and inherent strength. All shipping containers are the same width and come [...]