Reasons Why Construction Companies Fail


Building a construction company and successfully running it is not easy. Many challenges can lead to failure and a slight mistake and affect your whole reputation. Construction is like any other business, and you need to provide good products and services to keep your customers happy and maintain a healthy client relationship.

Thousands of companies fail every year. If you think your company might be one of them in the future, it might be time to do some reflection.

So how can you be sure that a construction company is safe and that your project will be safe? Which factors can affect a construction company’s operations and detract from it?

This blog post answers these questions and lets you look at some of the common root causes that might lead to a construction companies’ failure.

Delivering Poor Performance

Delivering poor performance means you are not keeping your customers happy, and thus your whole business reputation will ultimately drop. A single bad project doesn’t mean that it is the death of your construction company. However, if your performance is repeatedly poor and you are not delivering what customers want from you, your company will collapse.

Planning out the work to successfully complete the project on time and within budget is the key to having better performance. All this is dependent on the right leadership workforce and reliable equipment available to perform the necessary construction work. If you do not have these things, you will have poor project performance, and thus your business will not sustain.

Too Much Paper Processes

Technology has evolved, paperwork is now obsolete. However, things have not changed for many construction companies, and they are still stuck in the last century. Many construction companies still rely on paper documents to purchase orders and schedule or for actual payments. This makes the process slow as the company is no longer efficient as other companies.

Advanced construction companies have opted for technology and software solutions to help construction businesses track payment spot problems in real-time and exchange documents. This helps in fastening their processes and delivering their projects within time.

Not Quoting The Right Prices

Another mistake that many contractors sometimes make is that they bid for the construction projects incorrectly. They sometimes offer a project underprice, which leads to the company’s destruction. Such mistakes might be due to arithmetic errors or misunderstanding of the project’s scope or specifications.

Submitting prices that are too low will not provide your company with any benefit. On the other hand, prices that are too high will be detrimental and not help secure your projects. Therefore, making the right financing choices is necessary because your whole business is dependent on the payments and collections of the money.

Hiring The Wrong People

A successful business can run only if the people working there are motivated and have good intentions. If the executive leadership is incorrect, your company will suffer a lot. Construction companies are majorly dependent on the workforce and the people who work in it. Therefore, any construction business should make sure that they hire the best workers by offering competitive salaries and benefits along with all the necessary training.

Taking Too Much Work

Did you know that doing too much work and growing too fast can damage a company? This is because handling too many projects at once without having the necessary resources, manpower, and equipment can affect the company’s normal operations. Rushing headlong into unfamiliar territory can cause complications and make it impossible for a company to handle a project.


A construction company can fail due to various reasons. But, a professional will know how to handle this business well and which steps to take to have a long-lasting business with its customers.

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Taurus Projects is a top-rated construction contractor in Fort Saskatchewan. We have been a major part of the Alberta and Western Canadian construction business landscape since 2006. Our company’s headquarters are located in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. We have managed to provide the best construction services for years. Contact us for more information.

Innovations In The Commercial Construction Industry

Innovations In The Commercial Construction Industry

New trends are being introduced in the construction industry. These innovations are improving working styles in the commercial construction industry. The inventions have updated the working styles, power resources, building designs, and some equipment as well.

These new trends are due to advancements in technology. These trends have proven beneficial for the industry as they have helped engineers work more efficiently and quickly.

Some top trends which have improved the construction process are discussed in this blog below:

Building Information Modeling Tool

The construction process requires working with a team. It mandates the collaboration of stakeholders, engineers, builders, architectural designers, and other helper staff. The team and managers have to cooperate with each other and discuss the resources being used for the construction project. The team can collaborate well if they have a medium on which they can discuss different factors such as design, construction plan, schedule, etc.

Previously, it was not easy due to the lack of a medium that could be used to manage working material and communicate with each other. But now, thanks to the latest technology of information modeling tools, concurrent discussion and planning have become possible. By using this tool, team members are connected with each other. They can save and share their important material regarding their project on this collaborative platform so that they can discuss the project details on the same platform.

The tool provides an interactive interface with a centralized database. The projects files are saved in the database so that all team members can access them at any time. This reduces redundancy in the project’s files. Thus, workflow remains smooth and efficient.

Better Energy Options

Solar and wind energy are increasingly being used in the construction industry. These energy options help reduce the energy cost and provide extra energy alternatives on the construction site. The construction industry is using solar panels to arrange light at the construction site at night. This reduces the operational cost and provides an additional energy option.

Smart Technology In Construction

Due to smart technology innovations, commercial contractors can use automatic alternatives to handle construction tasks. A good example of technology being used in construction is the designing application. In this application, construction contractors can create a virtual model of the building to see a virtual design before construction.

Robotic support for labour tasks is another example of technological advancement in the construction industry. Robots are beings used to carry out repetitive, labour-intensive tasks faster than ever. In addition to fast working, robots can also perform heavy tasks more efficiently. The robots are used for shifting heavy construction material, crushing, fixing, and lifting heavy objects.

AR & VR Technology

AR applications have been introduced to make designing and planning easier. AR systems are used to create digital architectural designs. These help in visualizing the construction and mapping the design on the actual construction location through the AR application. The blueprints produced by AR systems are visualized by the stakeholders and engineers to collaborate and make decisions about construction architecture.

Access to the AR system is given to the workers as well so they can have a look at the project schedule, plan, and other documents that can help them in their work.

VR stands for virtual reality. It is the software application in which the design of construction is visualized. This technology shows the real-world design of the construction to exhibit the actual picture of construction after completion. The engineers can analyze and detect flaws in the architectural design by using VR technology.

The use of VR technology has minimized the risk of mistakes in construction. The engineers can now provide a prototype of the construction to the client to get approval on the design.

Prefabricated Commercial Construction

Prefabricated commercial construction is gaining popularity by the day. This innovative idea has made the working of the construction industry easier than before. It has minimized construction effort, cost, and time. Prefab construction tasks are helpful in the fast completion of a project. The construction tasks done through the prefabricated method provide more security, safety, and efficiency.

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Taurus Projects can handle every construction task efficiently. We can provide you with construction, renovation, and remodeling services. Our skilled engineers will construct a reliable model. Learn more about Taurus Projects here. Our team is always available if you would like to contact us.

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Industrial Electrical Contractors


An electrical task is not an arbitrary project which anyone can do. Rather, it requires a lot of safety and elimination of any chance of risk or negligence during the job. Moreover, knowing which components to use and the right type of equipment is also necessary to have a hassle-free experience. Therefore, hiring an experienced and licensed industrial electrical contractor is necessary to ensure the safety of your property, people, and other important valuables.

Taurus Projects are among the most reliable industrial electrical contractors in Canada, with a team of qualified and experienced professionals committed to providing top-notch electrical services in Fort Saskatchewan.

Suppose you are searching for the right electrical contractor who prioritizes diligence and makes it possible to perform any operation efficiently. In that case, you need to know the right qualities of an electrical contractor. This blog post mentions some important mistakes you must avoid while hiring an industrial electrical contractor.

Not Checking The Experience Of The Contractor

An electrical contractor is a lot different from an electrician. An electrician might be able to change some bulbs or perform other small electricity-related tasks. However, they cannot perform in-depth electrical settings, such as required during the construction of a building.

This is one of the biggest mistakes many people commit i.e. to hire any electrician they come across without checking their experience and the previous work they have completed. As a result of such inexperience, electrical contractors are not able to perform the job efficiently and damage the property and other valuable items.

So we advise that you do not rush the process of finding an electrician and give it some time to find the right electrical contractor with extensive work experience. A full-service electrical contractor has known experience and a portfolio, which shows that they can perform the job efficiently.

Hiring an unqualified contractor without considering their academic qualifications might help you to save a few bucks. However, it is not right for you in the long term as they will not be able to provide the appropriate quality of work. While hiring an industrial electrical contractor, it is necessary that you inquire about the employers’ academic qualifications and their experience. Don’t be satisfied with word of mouth and ask for the necessary documents if possible.

Hiring An Electrical Contractor Without Warranty

Performing tasks related to electricity involves different equipment and products, which can be quite costly. Therefore, you should not hand them over to someone who doesn’t provide you with a warranty. You should avoid this mistake at all costs.

Your electrical contractor should show that they offer a warranty or guarantee policy. Otherwise, working with such electrical contractors might be quite risky, and in case of an accident, they may not take responsibility for it, resulting in a massive loss. Having a warranty is a good indication that the contractors will be responsible and reputable in carrying out such electrical tasks.

Not Conducting Your Research

As you begin hiring an industrial electrical contractor, it is necessary to take some time and do your research. You should check different contractors’ websites and learn about their experience and customer reviews. It is better for you to have an electrician who has a good existing reputation with its customers.

Final Words

A professional industrial electrical contractor is necessary to make sure all the work is done efficiently, especially during the construction phase of your project. Such an electrician must be able to address all your commercial electrical needs and offer high-quality services to you.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, you must also look for a certified and licensed electrician. Moreover, check your websites thoroughly and read customer reviews about their experience with a particular electrical contractor.

About Taurus Projects

Taurus Projects offers dedicated and reliable industrial electrical and related services to all its clients. Our customers have an exemplary experience with our construction and electrical services, which has helped us earn a solid reputation. Our clients can vouch that we are a qualified and knowledgeable construction company. We are not only limited to being one of the reliable construction contractors in Fort Saskatchewan. If you would like to learn more about us or our services contact us here.

Benefits Of Hiring A Building Contractor For Commercial Construction

Benefits Of Hiring A Building Contractor For Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is a complex task, only professional construction constructors can create robust buildings. From the site plan till the end of the construction project, everything is equally technical and complex. Thus, constructors have to think about each and every factor while carrying out commercial construction.

Poor construction can lead to a waste of money, time, and even lives. So hiring a professional contractor is always a good consideration when building commercial projects.

A professional constructor can provide numerous benefits to your projects. These professional constructors have a team of well-trained engineers and construction staff. An experienced team of commercial construction experts and the company as a whole can provide reliable services so that your construction project goes smoothly.

Some benefits of hiring a commercial construction company are mentioned below.

Work Done As Per The Client’s Requirements

A commercial construction contractor is always focused on the users requirements. They try to obey whatever their customers demand of them in terms of work quality. Hence, customer satisfaction is the most important goal of a professional commercial construction company.

Accordingly, formal meetings are organized before starting the project to understand all requirements. A professional constructor can also recommend some viable and valuable changes in the project plan in light of their experience and expertise.

Moreover, commercial constructors are able to manage the work within the budget of the customer. They know the process of requirement adjustment due to which the customer gets desired construction within the estimated budget.

Completed On Time

Commercial constructors work on more than one commercial construction project at a time. They have to meet the deadlines of every project because the consequences of delay in one project can affect other projects as well.

Due to their professional working style, tasks are managed according to a preset schedule so that the tasks start and end at the estimated time. These excellent scheduling techniques assist the contractor in meeting the deadlines which is key to gaining client satisfaction.

Fixed Pricing

Commercial constructor contractors deal with construction projects on a daily basis. This is nothing new to them. Therefore, they can give an accurate estimate of the costs to the client at the beginning of the project. Material pricing and other aspects can be adjusted by the contractors according to the customer’s budget. As a result, the construction project never goes over budget.

Liability Insurance

All reliable construction companies have liability insurance for any damage caused at the worksite. They can handle the liability issues on their own. They work with an experienced and trained team, capable of handling difficult situations during their work.

If a project is under the control of a professional commercial contractor, any damage or mishap is diligently handled by the constructors, and the customer does not have to incur the cost of any damage.

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Reliable Service

Commercial contractors provide reliable services with 100% accuracy. They use high-quality materials so that the customer does not feel bothered by frequent repair and maintenance. Also, commercial contractors are quality-conscious because their construction is a part of their career record.

Any serious issue in a single construction project can result in a loss in their business due to a tainted image. This makes them work with high responsibility and provide the best services to their customers.

Licensed Contractors

Commercial contractors get a license from the government to work in the industry. They also help their customers get a license for construction. This is one of the most significant advantages of hiring a commercial contractor. The formalities of license and permits are handled by the contractors, and the customer can get rid of botheration.

Without a construction permit, construction can not start, and the customer may have to wait for years to get permission for commercial construction. However, a contractor can solve the problem in a short time and start the work.

Company Relationship Benefits

Commercial construction contractors have their own contracts with other companies. They can manage the work efficiently on your behalf. The contractors have good business relationships with material suppliers, paint companies, etc. They get the best quality materials from companies at the most reasonable prices. This makes things easier for the customer as they do not have to manage the construction material, labour, and equipment.

About Taurus Projects

Taurus Projects is a construction company in Fort Saskatchewan. We offer high-quality professional industrial construction, commercial construction, material management, fleet management, and a wide range of other services.

We also provide maintenance and repair services for industrial and commercial vehicles and equipment. We can provide you with reliable construction services with attractive architecture. Contact Us today to book our services.

How Risk Management Helps Construction Projects

How Risk Management Helps Construction Projects

Construction projects are very tricky and unpredictable. Over the years, many management systems have been used to streamline construction project management.

Accordingly, risk management is one of the most widely used key processes that play a very important role in achieving project goals in terms of time, safety, cost, environmental stability, and quality. It is an iterative process that needs to be implemented in a very systematic order throughout the whole lifecycle of your construction project to get the desired results.

Over the last few decades, the construction industry has changed significantly.

Construction contractors now have to deal with more risk and uncertainty than ever before. Often project owners are unable to deal with the complex situations, and get involved in litigation when things go haywire.

Above all, all construction projects are different as they vary in their course of development, planning, and operation.

But with effective risk identification and certified project management contractors on board, you can keep things on track throughout the whole project.

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With the help of a certified construction management contractor, you can implement a well-thought-out risk management plan from the beginning of your construction project.

In this blog post, we will talk in detail about the process of risk management and how it helps complete construction projects on time.

The Risk Management Process

The risk management process is all about maximizing the chances of positive events and minimizing the probability and impact of negative occurrences so that the construction projects goals are easily achieved.

Here are the top 3 stages and methods used by certified construction management contractors to manage the risk in construction projects:

Risk Identification

Risk identification is the first and most crucial stage of the construction risk management process.

In this step, a certified construction management contractor focuses mainly on identifying the source and types of risks that may occur during the construction project.

After identifying the risks, the construction management contractor will lay the foundation for the steps that need to be taken to deal with the risk. These will include risk control strategies and risk analysis.

The right approach toward risk identification is very important as it ensures the effectiveness of the entire process.

Hence, it is imperative that you hire a certified construction management contractor so that all the relevant risks are adequately identified during your construction project.

Risk Analysis

After the identification of uncertainties and risks, the next step in the risk management process is risk analysis.

Risk analysis is the procedure that helps prioritize, arrange and critically evaluate the prospective risks in a construction project. It assists the construction contractor in assessing the probability of various events and their impacts on the construction project’s goals.

You can define risk analysis as a transitional process between risk identification and management. Quantitative and qualitative are the two main approaches used by certified construction management contractors to carry out risk analysis.

Risk Response

Once the construction projects risks are identified and analyzed, the construction management contractors should employ acceptable mitigation techniques to treat the risk.

Mitigation techniques are laid based on the potential and nature of the consequences of the identified construction projects risks.

The main focus of risk mitigation should be to reduce the negative impacts on construction projects as much as possible. Construction management contractors select their risk response strategy by keeping in mind the cost and significance of the risk.

Final Word

Construction projects are very complex, and to complete these projects on time, you need to hire certified construction management contractors. A professional construction management contractor will be able to employ the risk management process from the start and will minimize the negative impacts on your construction project.

About Taurus Projects

Taurus Projects is a reliable firm operating in Fort Saskatchewan and offering professional construction, materials management, and fleet management services.

We also offer a state-of-the-art maintenance facility in Fort Saskatchewan that can perform routine maintenance, repairs, and inspections on most types of Industrial, commercial, and highway equipment and vehicles.

We take pride in our top-notch services and pay special attention to the safety of our workers, the general public, and the environment. Contact Us now to get a hold of our trustworthy engineering services.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Design-Build Process

Frequently Asked Questions About The Design-Build Process

Construction projects are full of challenges. Having the right construction partner or contractor who can effectively deliver you the necessary services has become more important than ever. Previously, a single construction contractor used to function separately from other individuals, such as an engineer or architect, to complete any construction project.

However, things have changed now, and new methods are being developed where new construction renovations or additions are done with the mutual collaboration between an engineer, architect, designer, and the construction contractor.

This type of collaboration is what we call a design-build service. It is a collaborative delivery of the construction project and is widely used in the construction industry, where all these teams work with a single contract. These design and construction solutions are the specialized services that some construction companies provide.

However, many people are still confused about design-build services and how it is different from regular construction services. This blog post helps and answers all the frequently asked questions about a design-build service.

What Is A Design-Build Service?

A design-build service is a project delivery method where an engineer, a designer, a project owner, and other members work under a single contract to complete any construction project. It has to include all the details on the contract and include relevant information such as the budget, the milestones, project deliverables, end result, design and other important information.

In most cases, a commercial construction company takes the place of the project’s owner and coordinates all the essential aspects on the owner’s behalf. It means that they step up as the project’s leader and make sure that all of the team members are performing at their best.

How Is It Different From The Rest Of The Project Delivery Methods?

Design-build services have different benefits and are quite different from other project delivery methods. One of the biggest benefits it can give is better quality. Other benefits are construction efficiency and reduced cost. The main difference between the different methods lies in the risk and responsibility to achieve a particular project’s objective. All this leads to achieving the benefits mentioned above.

What Are The Top Benefits Of The Design-Build Process?

Some of the top benefits of a design-build service are faster delivery which means a compressed time frame for the delivery of the project milestones. It also reduces the administrative burden which means the owner can focus on the project, not only on the paperwork. It also guarantees safety , and most of the risk is reduced in terms of accountability, contractual terms, and coordinating efforts.

Moreover, as different parties work together on a similar project, it helps the designer and builders engage in the same team. Working together helps them reduce any kind of confusion and aid in better communication among team members. All in all, design-build can provide better and customized solutions for each construction project.

How Can Design-Build Services Save Time And Money?

Many construction owners have reported that design-build services can put a facility in operation 30% sooner. This helps maximize savings and improve the efficiency of the design and meet the compliance faster than traditional types of construction methods. When the owner, engineer, designer, and construction contractors work together on a single project, the project’s challenges can be identified in the early stages, and the solutions are found much sooner.

Final Thoughts

Design-build services can actually help you achieve your construction project’s goals faster and within budget. However, hiring the right construction firm is necessary to avoid any problems within the project and to ensure that everything works smoothly.

About Taurus Projects

Taurus Projects is a top-rated construction contractor in Fort Saskatchewan. We have been a major part of the Alberta and Western Canadian construction business landscape since 2006. Our company’s headquarters are located in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

We take great pride in managing and growing a business that takes safety very seriously while providing our customers with professional and cost-effective commercial building construction services.

Taurus Projects offers site construction services, mine site construction services, material management services, commercial fleet management services, commercial renovation services, earthworks construction services, commercial electrical services, and civil construction services. Contact us for more information.

The Effects Of Poor Material Management On Construction Projects

The Effects Of Poor Material Management On Construction Projects

We emphasize the importance of material management in the construction industry in our blogs every now and then. Unfortunately, many construction contractors and project owners fail to acknowledge its significant impact on overall project success. It is true that, as a general contractor, you will continuously work under the immense weight of responsibility for almost every construction project component.

From labour management to equipment operation, there is so much to oversee. However, we have seen numerous construction projects meet their demise as a result of poor attention to material management.

Some of you might shrug and snort in disbelief, but the truth remains that material management is the single most crucial element of any construction site.


According to a study by ResearchGate, construction materials account for 50% to 60% of the total costs of any construction project. Can you imagine what slight mismanagement of this element could cost you? Many project owners believe that generous investment is the key to the success of their projects. In truth, when material mismanagement is a common occurrence at your site, injecting money into a project is like flushing it down a toilet.

In order to save you from the tragedy of watching your hard work go down the drain, we use this blog to warn you regarding the financial and reputational damage and consequences of poor material management.

How Does Poor Construction Material Management Impact A Project?

Every aspect, task, and activity on a construction site is interdependent. Thus, mismanagement in any part will ultimately affect all the other components and the project as a whole. For this reason, most of the potential impacts of material mismanagement are more of a chain of events rather than independent consequences.

Inferior Quality Of Raw Materials

Material management is not just about buying, stoning, and dispatching raw materials. In truth, material management is quite a challenging and complex task that requires due diligence and care. In this regard, finding a reliable supplier that can consistently provide high-quality raw materials is the biggest concern. If a material manager disregards this initial supplier search and scrutiny, they are likely to fall into the hands of unprofessional people who will sneak inferior quality products into each order.

This will either lead to a compromise on overall project quality or high replacement costs.

Costly Purchases

This point is closely related to the one above. Besides inferior quality products, a careless and lazy material manager may also pay a higher price for goods available at relatively lower prices from other suppliers. However, due to their indifference and inattentiveness, they fail to do proper research and eventually purchase expensive materials, leading to peaking project expenditures.

Increased Material Waste

The mismanagement story does not end at the material ordering phase. Once the materials have reached their desired storage area, their useful life will depend upon the measures taken to ensure the site is in a conducive condition and ready to receive the materials.

Unfortunately, very few managers pay attention to this crucial step only to reap unpleasant and costly results in the form of damaged, degraded, stolen, and decayed materials.

Similarly, if the material is dispatched to the site and its usage is not adequately monitored, the workforce might disregard the importance of the materials and mishandle them during use. The latter also increases material waste.

Budget Overruns

All of the material management failures mentioned above will lead to budget overruns and uncertainties in the future.

Decreased Profit Margins

When your costs exceed your budget, you often have two choices. You can either pass on the extra costs to the client and demand an increase in the preset project price or bear the burden and decrease your profit margins. If you chose the first option, the client would ask you to explain why you weren’t able to provide a reasonable estimate beforehand. This will ultimately lead to the loss of your credibility in your client’s eyes.

In contrast, if you decide to bear the costs, your profit margins will be significantly reduced. In order to avoid such dilemmas, we recommend that you hand over the material management task to a reliable general contractor.

Project Delays And Loss Of Goodwill

All these, in combination, in the end, lead to numerous project delays, compromises on quality, and dissatisfied clients. As a construction contractor, your biggest weapon to prosperity is word-of-mouth publicity. However, improper material management will only result in negative hype and loss of goodwill.

About Taurus Projects

From site preparation to civil earthworks, material management, and fleet management, we have what it takes to diligently handle a construction project from every angle. Learn more about Taurus Projects and our services.

Contact us now to ensure the timely and as-budgeted completion of your project.

Common Uncertainties Construction Project Managers Face

Common Uncertainties Construction Project Managers Face

A construction project is full of dangers, unexpected outcomes, and uncertainties. At one point, you might think that everything is going fine, but one small mishap can jeopardize the whole construction process and not bring the desired outcomes. For many people, uncertainty in a construction project can be common. Hiring a professional construction contractor who knows how to deal with unwelcome situations can help make the situation less stressful.

Since in any construction project, there are different parties involved. From owners to workers and stakeholders, each team has specific requirements and expectations from the project. Such clashes can lead to delayed construction project completion and ultimately affect the timeline and budget set for the project.

Therefore, knowing such uncertainties in advance becomes necessary, so you know which uncertainties are involved and how to deal with them. A systematic approach is required to identify, evaluate, and respond to these uncertainties.

This blog post highlights the common uncertainties in a construction project and how to deal with them.

Common Construction Project Uncertainties

Some common construction project uncertainties are as follows:

Poor Scope Of The Project

One of the common causes of project uncertainty is poor project scope management. When the final goals and terms are not defined for any construction project, the team won’t know where it is heading and the milestones that need to be achieved. Lack of proper project scope management leads to a vague path that achieves unsatisfying results.

Poor project scope gives birth to many other construction project uncertainties that impact the overall construction project. Therefore, if you want to make your project a success, it is necessary to clearly define its scope and goals before starting it. This way, you can be sure that you are heading in the right direction and making the right choices.

Sudden Rise In Material Requirement

This also happens as a result of poor project scope. When you don’t have a clear construction project plan in hand, you can’t clearly define the material requirements leading to poor material management. You either keep too much stock of a material which leads to wastage. Or, you may not have enough of a certain material affecting your construction project, thus delaying its completion.

Having clear goals for any construction project in mind and analyzing how much material you require for it is necessary to avoid material management issues. Hiring reliable material management services can significantly reduce material issues and ensure the required amount of materials are ready and are on hand every time.

Certain Environmental And Climatic Conditions

Environmental and climatic conditions are basic factors that every project owner must consider. Unexpected climatic conditions coupled with environmental and geographical conditions can make it hard to avoid uncertainties in a construction project. These unexpected climatic conditions can delay the construction project’s timeline.

Considering all the climatic conditions beforehand and having a plan is a good way to mitigate any unexpected climatic conditions.

Issue With Suppliers

Another common uncertainty that might lead to construction project problems is the lack of communication among suppliers, owners, workers, and stakeholders. When things are not communicated among the teams involved in any project, there are more uncertainties in the project, thereby leading to further issues.


Apart from the abovementioned factors, socio-political and economic factors also play a crucial role in the project’s completion or failure. Having uncertainties in a construction project is not uncommon. However, hiring a reliable construction firm can minimize uncertainties and keep the project on track.

About Taurus Projects

Taurus Projects gives your project the utmost attention it deserves. We incorporate tested techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and premium quality materials to ensure every construction project does not only meet a client’s expectations but exceeds them. We offer reliable construction-related services that avoid uncertainties in the process.

With over fifteen years of construction experience, Taurus Projects offers dedicated and reliable construction and related services to all its clients. Our customers have an exemplary experience with our construction services which has helped us earn a solid reputation. Contact us for more information.

How To Improve Your Construction Workforce Management

How To Improve Your Construction Workforce Management

Construction projects are one of the most difficult and complex projects that consume a lot of time and resources.

You must have noticed that construction projects are famous for being delayed and going over budget. In fact, according to a study, only one-third of construction projects conclude on time and stay within the estimated budget.

According to industry data, delays in construction projects due to labour inefficiency totaled nearly $117 billion in 2018.

However, there are now many new construction project management solutions that can help construction management contractors to finish their projects on time while remaining within budget.

One such tool is construction workforce management. The latter helps contractors to keep their construction projects on track.

But for this to work effectively, it is important that you hire a certified construction management contractor who knows how to optimize an employee’s labour hours and job site operations simultaneously.

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So if you are looking for ways to improve the productivity on your construction job site then keep on reading as it is discussed in this blog post, we will outline some tips that will help you improve your construction workforce management.

Without further delay, let us explore the depths of this topic:


Collaboration is key to improving your construction workforce management. This is because when you have an open stream of communication amongst all your employees and labour it helps you finish your project on time.

In order to achieve your project goals effectively, you will have to hire many subcontractors for different specialized jobs. Hence, you will need active collaboration among all the contractors to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your construction project.

There are many certified construction contractors who are now using the database management system to streamline communication and collaboration on the construction site.

By doing the latter, the construction management contractor maintains consistent communication among all the stakeholders and workforce, which then minimizes the chances of delays and errors and ultimately leads to the construction project being completed on time.

Optimize Your Workday

Another way to improve your construction workforce management is by optimizing your workday.

Time management is the biggest pitfall of a construction project that is often neglected by everyone.

For instance, when the workers of your projects are spending a significant amount of their day waiting to begin working, then this idle time will ultimately slow down the whole process and make your construction project more costly.

Hence, it is important that the work starts on time and that the workers don’t have to wait for equipment or tools to start their activities.

So by simply investing in a better time management system, you can increase the overall efficiency and workers’ productivity, and you can finish your construction project on time.

Proper time management includes workday planning, travel time monitoring, and site preparation. These, in turn, minimize time delays and increase the overall productivity of construction workers.

Move To Digital

The world is moving towards digitalization, so now is the time for the construction industry to also go digital.

When things like daily reports, billing, and code inspection documents are done digitally, a lot of time and energy is saved allowing for the construction process to run smoothly.

Hence, moving certain things to digital will save you a lot of your time and will ultimately aid you in completing your construction project on time.

Hire A Certified Construction Management Contractor

The best way to improve your construction workforce management is by hiring a certified construction management contractor.

A certified construction management contractor has the experience and knowledge to help them tackle complex construction projects effortlessly.

Hiring a professional construction management contractor will improve the overall management of your construction project and will make sure that your project ends on time and stays within your budget.

About Taurus Projects

Taurus Projects is a reliable firm operating in Fort Saskatchewan and offering professional construction, material management, and fleet management services.

We also offer a state-of-the-art maintenance facility in Fort Saskatchewan that can perform routine maintenance, repairs, and inspections on most types of Industrial, commercial, and highway equipment and vehicles.

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Top Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Construction Contractor


Remodeling or constructing a new building requires careful considerations and a well-thought plan. Hiring experienced construction contractors is one of the most important elements in this process. You must look for a reliable construction partner who can build exactly what you want. They must be able to assist you throughout the process i-e from making the blueprint to giving final touches to your building.

Therefore, you must know how to hire the right building contractor and which factors to consider before beginning any construction project. Another important aspect of hiring a construction contractor is to look out for things that must be avoided. Before hiring any construction contractor, make sure to avoid the following mistakes.

Not Checking The Quality Of Their Work

One of the most important aspects of hiring any construction contractor is to see whether they are experienced enough in their work or not. While hiring any construction contractor, make sure that their work ethics, labor, and the materials they use for construction are of high quality, and they know how to manage construction work.

Research for a professional construction contractor as the absence of these qualities can make your whole construction process quite difficult. Therefore, you must research well before you hire any general contractor and verify their experience by checking their website and the reviews of their customers.

Getting A Quote Over The Phone

Any construction project is a big financial investment that will be with you throughout your life. Therefore you must make sure that you communicate well with the construction contractor when getting a quote.

Even if your contractor is extremely experienced, getting quotations over the phone is not a preferred choice. You must visit them personally and make everything clear before so that there are no costly surprises later on.

Hiring The Contractor With The Lowest Bid

If you are new to construction projects, you might think hiring a contractor with the lowest bid might be the best choice. However, if any contractor is offering lower than most of the rest of the contractors, you need to be careful about their services. There might be something which is missing in their services such as the quality of their materials, experience, workmanship, or something else.

Not Asking The Required Questions

Many people don’t realize the importance of construction projects and just hire any contractor they come across. However, they must research on their own and see which questions are necessary to ask a construction contractor before hiring them. Such important questions might include their labor rate, which building materials they use, completion time, number of workers on the site, and more.

Not Verifying Them For Licenses And Insurance

Many homeowners who hire licensed and insured construction contractors get stuck with unfinished work. This can be a big headache for you, leading to costly damages. Not verifying that the contractor is licensed or insured is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while hiring your construction contractor.

Therefore, make sure that you hire a professional and well-qualified contractor who has the necessary contract license as well as a business license. They at the very least need to carry general liability insurance and worker’s compensation if not a proper contractors license.

Hiring Because They Are Likable

It is easy to go for a construction contractor who has positive reviews online and is referred by everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that this construction contractor will be suitable for the job that you require. You will be spending a lot of time with your construction contractor, so you must know that your construction contractor will be suitable for you.

You should feel like they are approachable, and that it is easy to communicate your concerns to your contractor. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the experience, qualifications, and credentials of a contractor.

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