Why Construction Sites Require Professional Snow Removal Services

Why Construction Sites Require Professional Snow Removal Services

Winter is here, and soon we’ll witness layers of snow and ice that will cover every inch of Canada. It sounds amusing, but once the snow starts to hinder your commute and work, it can become a significant inconvenience for many people. For this reason, snow removal contractors have already begun their work on this year’s snow removal plan for new construction sites or any outdoor snow removal project.

Snow management contractors are essential for many businesses and help keep the entryways and parking lots clear for their customers. However, one industry that benefits from them the most is the construction industry, which cannot function without them in the winter.

Construction work is highly delicate and cannot be safely done if the areas under construction are covered with snow. So, if you work in the construction industry, you have two options: remove the snow yourself or hire someone to remove it for you.

Several benefits come with hiring a professional contractor that offers snow removal services. Below are just a few of them.

Improve The Safety Of A Construction Site

Snow at a construction site is a recipe for disaster. Working on a construction site itself requires a great deal of care. Companies have to comply with federal regulations to ensure every worker’s safety. So, when we put snow in the picture, things can get even messier and dangerous. Snow can cause you to slip and fall or get trapped or hurt during the snow removal process.

For this reason, every reputable construction company needs to hire only professionals for snow removal services at construction sites. This ensures everyone’s safety.

Moreover, having snow removed by an inexperienced worker or without safety equipment can lead to damaging and fatal consequences. Therefore when removing snow from a construction area, always ensure that a professional and highly trained snow removal crew is handling the job.

They Help You Meet Your Deadline

One of the main reasons construction companies hire professional contractors for snow removal services is the tight schedule they have to follow to complete their projects on time. Construction sites need to be prepared for everyday work, but site preparation becomes hectic and tedious in winter due to snow layers that interfere with their work.

Professional snow removal crews provide safe snow removal and ice management services to help construction companies maintain their operations and stick to their schedule. For example, our expert teams at Taurus Projects, under construction site services, ensure that snow doesn’t disrupt your project. Our teams will survey your property before and after snowstorms and snowfall to ensure that snow has not accumulated on the site, and if it has, remove it to make the area ready to be used at any time.

They Provide High-Quality Services

If you’re thinking of clearing snow from your construction site yourself with a shovel and an ice scraper, then you need to rethink your options. Snow shoveling is a difficult task, and although you may be able to do it expertly at home, shoveling a construction site is different. Shoveling snow out of your driveway is very different from shoveling it from a project site. You might be able to get to the results after hours and hours of work, but achieving good results is something only a professional can do.

Professional contractors have years of experience and specialized equipment to achieve high-quality results. By hiring them, you’ll be ensuring that every inch of snow is shoveled off the ground.

Professional Site Services Provider

Taurus is Western Canada’s most renowned and trusted industrial and commercial site services provider. At Taurus Projects, we have highly experienced teams who provide state of the art services and ensure that your project is completed on time and within the customer’s budget.

So, if you’re looking for an outstanding general contractor that offers a wide range of site services, including snow removal from construction sites, then you have come to the right place. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Top Construction Project Scheduling Techniques

Top Construction Project Scheduling Techniques

As a general contractor, failing to complete a project on time could ultimately result in burdening yourself with penalties and legal damages. Effective scheduling is vital to eliminate several production issues, keeping everyone informed about different materials requirements, and improving your project’s productivity.

Adhering to a construction project’s schedule can sometimes be challenging. Nevertheless, implementing the following techniques can help ensure your project runs much smoother.

We will now discuss some of the top scheduling techniques that will help you complete your construction project in the best possible way.

Preparing A Master Schedule

Prepare a master schedule, which will help you categorize your construction project into phases that can be better managed. You can further divide your project’s stages as required. During this planning period, you must prioritize and delegate your tasks accordingly.

Lastly, your plan must also answer all the questions about scheduling and provisions of equipment, labor, and materials needed to make your project successful.

Maintaining Open Communication

Fostering enhanced collaboration, idea sharing, and problem-solving among your staff will go a long way toward mitigating potential project delays. Maintaining open communication helps improve the communication among other parties on a construction project effectively.

Having an open-door policy and encouraging everyone on your team to come forward with their matters will help adjust schedules in the best possible way.

Monitoring Daily Progress

General contractors should keep track of a project’s progress on a daily basis. As a construction expert, you must take care of your project’s vital aspects that may fall behind schedule. It would help if you did not overlook completing tasks before or after the set schedule to determine the discrepancy’s possible cause.

This will help mitigate setbacks on current projects and highlight promising procedures you might apply to future projects. After all, it’s not about completing one project; it’s all about ensuring your projects get completed on time.

Not Overlooking Small Problems

Many construction-related jobs must be executed sequentially, with one task only being able to start with the end of another job. Small problems can cause significant delays in the long run, from one subcontractor to the next.

When you observe a problem arising on your construction project, avoid putting it off. Ignoring such situations may result in short-term savings. However, it will also lead to long-term issues and scheduling conflicts, ultimately resulting in project failures.

Being Aware Of Weather Conditions

Apart from being a hazard for your workforce, severe weather conditions can also wreak havoc on your projects schedule. As a contractor, you must monitor weather reports and plan accordingly by scheduling overtime around poor weather. This will help you supplement your workforce with temporary employees to get back on track after weather delays.

Providing Adequate Training To Your Workforce

Your project’s success will mainly depend on how much you invest in your workforce through training. An inexperienced worker could result in delays, construction defects, and physical injuries. Ensure your crew is adequately trained in utilizing the tools and techniques required to excel in their positions.

Taurus Projects is an experienced construction company based in Fort Saskatchewan that provides high-quality commercial and industrial construction services to Alberta’s various businesses. For more information about our expert construction services, visit our website, or contact us for personalized service.

The Significance Of Efficient Site Services For Construction Projects

The Significance Of Efficient Site Services For Construction Projects

Site services play a significant role in the success of a construction project. The efficiency of site service management ensures the quality of work on a project. There are many advantages of managing and implementing site services thoroughly and adequately. A project’s success mainly depends on efficient and professional site services management during the project’s construction.

Understanding The Project

It is crucial to deliver efficient site services for a project. Only a complete and comprehensive understanding of the project makes this possible. All construction projects are different from each other. When you understand what the project is about, you will better be able to assess its requirements and demands, enabling you to manage the construction site accordingly.

Complete understanding of the project allows experts to know what they require to do and ensure that they remain on track. It facilitates the general contractor to achieve the desired results.

Controlling The Systems Of A Project

Every construction project has a collection of subsystems that run it. You need to have control of these subsystems which deal with several areas of the construction project. By doing so, you help ensure that the site’s management remains efficient and productive.

It is crucial to have control over everything going on during the construction of a building. All the subsystems of a project must deliver desirable results within the right time frame. This will ensure that the overall progress of the project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Individual System Control

The sites services system also requires firm control from experts and professionals. To ensure the overall system’s efficiency, the site services system must have proper control and monitoring of the proceedings.

The best way to control this subsystem is to consider it as a larger system. You need to take it as the entire project to ensure quality and professionalism as it is the desired efficiency and project’s requirement. When the subsystems work perfectly from within, they can align with the other systems of the project’s construction.

Flexibility Of The Systems

Proper management of the site does not mean that everything must be rigid and non-flexible. When several subsystems are running simultaneously to make the project a success, there will be downfalls. There will be certain situations when some changes become inevitable. The systems must also be flexible enough to leave a limited margin of error as well.

The systems must incorporate the changes and alterations that might come in the project due to unforeseen circumstances that are not under the control of the people related to the project.

Adaptability To Future Changes

Site management services must adapt to future trends and the industry’s changing demands and requirements. The technology, construction, scope, and extent of modernism in the construction require an adaptable system.

Your general contractor should know about any changing trends to ensure that construction is efficient and productive. Using new trends to enhance the process’s efficiency is critical for the overall project’s success.

If the sites services and management do not incorporate the latest trends, you could run into problems, as they will not be able to improve the efficiency of the project. The system has to be futuristic and adaptable to remain significant for the project’s success.

Efficient site services ensure smooth and consistent operations on the site. It makes it possible by ensuring every little subsystem is working perfectly. These systems need to be functioning according to the architects’ and civil engineers’ expectations and planning.

Taurus Projects guarantees quality work and promises efficiency and productivity in all the services we offer. Expecting your construction project to fulfill your dreams? Call us at 780-998-5001 to get in touch with us.

How The Construction Industry Can Benefit From Fleet Management

How The Construction Industry Can Benefit From Fleet Management

Fleet management can significantly impact construction companies’ productivity and the overall cost of their projects. Fleet management services involve managing large industrial and commercial equipment and highway vehicles without which the industry could not operate. These services can include washing, fueling, and maintaining all construction site equipment and vehicles.

Heavy and large construction equipment and vehicles are the construction industry’s biggest assets. They need to be well-maintained and well-managed to bring economic benefits to the industry. A fleet management system’s primary goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity at a construction site and improve its safety conditions for the operator, workers, and passersby. This is achieved using a combination of maintenance services and vehicle management.

Below are the details of the benefits that fleet management can bring to construction companies.

Fleet Monitoring

The construction industry is unique because the vehicles and equipment used in the industry are heavy-duty and, therefore, way more expensive than any other light-duty van or truck utilized in other business sectors. Because of their high value, these equipment and vehicles make an easy and attractive target for thieves and vandals. Canada loses approximately $50 million annually to equipment theft from construction sites.

Because of this reason, fleet monitoring becomes essential for construction companies. It can help managers keep tabs on all their equipment after hours and keep them healthy and available at the job site. Fleet monitoring is achieved by tracking tools, fleet software, and experienced management.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance and vehicle servicing are the most crucial components of the construction industry. If fleet maintenance is not done efficiently, it can significantly impact the company’s finances.

Most vehicles and construction equipment in this sector are highly specialized and require high maintenance and expensive repairs and modifications. Because these vehicles travel less mileage than ordinary vehicles, they have a longer life cycle, making their proactive maintenance service critical and different from routine vehicle servicing.

Preventive Maintenance Plan

Thankfully, professional fleet management companies like Taurus Projects utilize every little detail to develop a preventative maintenance schedule. Our specially designed system will help you manage your fleet and its maintenance costs.

Before creating a preventative maintenance plan, we consider details such as the kilometers traveled, engine hours, and fuel usage. We also consider vehicle downtime caused by jumpstarts, emergency repair, tow assistance, and breakdowns to plan and devise an effective maintenance strategy. This also allows us to identify potential issues that may need to be addressed in the maintenance schedule.

Return On Investment

Efficient fleet management can help construction companies improve their return on investment. By making an initial investment into fleet management, companies can have a maintenance plan in place that can help them save a significant amount of money and time on vehicle and equipment servicing.

Fleet management companies can help construction businesses improve their ROI in the following ways:

  • They reduce the downtime of the construction fleet by keeping them well-maintained and serviced.
  • They help improve the overall lifecycle of the vehicle, decreasing their repair and replacement costs.
  • If any component fails, they inform the mechanic at the right time before the problem becomes difficult and costly to repair.
  • They ensure regular servicing and repairs so that the managers can foresee and accommodate downtime.

About Taurus Project

Taurus Projects offers comprehensive fleet management services for large industrial and commercial equipment and highway vehicles. Our expert maintenance facility based in Fort Saskatchewan can perform routine maintenance, repairs, and inspections on construction equipment and vehicles. For more information on our fleet management services, visit our website or contact us today at 780-998-5001.

How Material Management Changes The Face Of A Construction Site

How Material Management Changes The Face Of A Construction Site

A construction site sounds like a place full of hassle, piles of material everywhere, and haphazard, the unplanned motion of people and moving objects. This is the picture of a construction site from the past. Now, this isn’t the case at all because we have professional site service companies that have changed the face of construction sites forever.

Enforces discipline

A professional material management services company enforces discipline on the construction site. It does so by ensuring the proper handling of construction material. Construction sites are no more a place where nothing makes sense. When everything is placed where it must be, the site looks disciplined and organized.

Avoids Misplacement

Professional material management ensures avoiding material’s misplacement. They know where the specific material must be and how it must be placed and accessed. Placing the material at its proper place avoids there loss or misplacement. In return, it saves time that might be wasted in finding it from mismanaged piles of material. Keeping a close eye on the construction site’s material is one of the primary responsibilities of a professional material management company to prevent theft and mishandling.

Facilitates access and retrieval of construction material

When construction material is placed where needed, it makes it easy to access and retrieve. The material’s systematic and monitored placement saves precious time wasted in finding and taking out required construction material. Easy access and retrieval keep the construction project running smoothly. It’s very crucial for the success and timely completion of the project.

Prevents discontinuity

Material management ensures the timely procurement and supply of the construction material so that there is no discontinuity in the construction project. If the right construction material isn’t there and in stock, the project can come to a halt. This can be costly for both the project owners and the contractor. This is why professional material management is there. It ensures that the demand for materials is met, and that there is no disruption in the project due to the shortness or the disrupted supply of the material to the site.

Ensures timely completion

When everything is going smoothly, the construction site becomes viable for the project’s timely and successful completion. It enables workers to avoid problems and delays because everything is done systematically on the construction site. Ensuring the timely supply of material and its proper placement and handling helps the contractor deliver consistent quality work.

Assures quality work

The quality of a construction project relies solely on the quality of the construction material. It’s the construction material that promises the reliability, durability, and finesse of a project. Providing the construction material readily on the construction site enables the contractor and workers to execute their plans precisely as they would like to. There is no change in the plans needed due to the shortage of materials. As a result, the quality of the construction project increases.

Reduces risks and hazards

Another way material management changes a construction sites’ face is by reducing workers’ chances of getting injured. Without proper material management services in place, a construction site can have many incidents of workers tripping, falling, and slipping due to the mismanaged construction material piled up everywhere. A professional material management company ensures that your employees and workers remain safe and are comfortable while working on the construction site.

Taurus Projects offer a wide range of site services, material management, electrical and mechanical services to industrial and commercial construction sites at competitive rates. To get in touch with us, click here.

How Commercial And Industrial Construction Sites Differ

How Commercial And Industrial Construction Sites Differ

Commercial and industrial construction sites are different from each other in several ways. From the construction workers point of view and also from the contractors perspective, the handling of both of these sites is a different job. A construction site mainly depends on what type of construction project we are talking about. The type of construction project determines what the construction site looks like and what will be required to manage it properly.

Site planning differs

An industrial project serves a different purpose than a commercial office or a retail store. Due to this difference, the requirements and prerequisites for selecting and planning the site for an industrial project are different. There must be proximity to national highways, and the airport must also be close to the site, ideally speaking. It’ll enable the materials and supplies to reach the construction site quickly. Whereas, the contractor of a commercial project must select the site considering aspects like a straightforward approach for the residents of the society, and an appropriate parking space for a commercial building, office, or campus.

Design of the building

The building of an industrial project is based on the manufacturing of goods and products. The buildings design must incorporate the aspects that are useful and helpful for manufacturing, heavy workloads, and the extensive work environment. The design of an industrial building is more about the functionality and performance of the industrial plant.

On the contrary, a commercial building must incorporate a design aesthetically appealing to the customers and visitors who enter the building for shopping and doing business with the company or a retail store. The physical footprint must be kept in mind while designing a commercial building as it has to be attractive and appealing to the customers.

The supporting elements

An industrial project will need supporting elements such as electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems that must handle heavy equipment and heavy loads. Industrial plants use machinery that is heavier and needs more energy to operate properly.

On the other hand, a commercial building also needs such elements, but its load capacity differs largely. The main difference in the load is the amount of electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems required in a commercial building. Unlike in an industrial setting, a commercial buildings system requires a lesser load to meet the buildings requirements.

Managing the project differs

An industrial project requires the on-site assembly of equipment and machinery that the industry needs to carry on manufacturing products and goods. For that purpose, a different scale of vendors and suppliers come into play. Finding and managing the vendors and suppliers is a challenging task because they are doing large scale installations and assembly work.

On the other side of the coin, a commercial building or a project requires expert vendors and specialized suppliers to provide them with the materials they need to carry out the project smoothly.

Final permits to open

When an industrial project is ready to open, it has to go through a more rigorous process of getting permits and NOCs to start the operations such as manufacturing and packaging. The details of the process are somewhat different when it comes to an industrial project.

A commercial site will have different criteria to meet before the authorities allow it to commence its business.

Taurus Projects offers the best industrial and commercial on-site services to make project construction smoother and more efficient for their clients. To get in touch with us, click here.

Civil Construction And The Importance of Water Sewage Systems

Civil Construction And The Importance of Water Sewage Systems

Civil construction plays a primary role in constructing roads, bridges, flyovers, buildings, and other structures in a city. An essential part of a civil constructors responsibility is to make sure they have planned and built the sewerage systems adequately to avoid all intractable outcomes. Civil construction companies and workers play a significant role in making sure the construction projects in the city meet all the parameters of being an efficient and useful project for the city and its citizens.

What does a sewerage system do?

A proper sewerage system is required to maintain water flow to keep the city dry and free of water spillage and unwanted water retention. A sewerage system ensures that water is adequately drained and does not accumulate on the roads,the basements of buildings, or the ground. A sewerage system makes water flow safely for the city’s infrastructure and the people living in it. Keeping these two perspectives in mind, planning an adequate sewerage system is a task that’s full of responsibility.

Water can destroy infrastructure

If civil engineers and contractors don’t perform their duty correctly, water will not drain. As a result, water will collect in undesirable places, and buildings and other infrastructures will receive damage. To avoid damage to the infrastructure, there must be a proper water sewerage system implemented by civil construction workers and authorities.

No one would want their dream projects foundations and walls to receive damage just because there was not a proper sewerage system in place. It may cost the client millions of dollars as the entire project can become disastrous.

Sewage systems help avoid water wastage

A properly planned and implemented sewerage system enables authorities to save extra water that might otherwise go to waste. Because of global warming, natural resources are becoming scarce, and the world is facing the threat of running out of water. It’s essential to ensure that we are not wasting any water. The earth demands from us to save excessive water that we waste every day. A drainage and sewerage system can offer water reservation and reusability.

Reduces water waste

A water sewerage system can enable people to utilize reusable water, and avoid wasting water. The water sewerage system can also manage the water coming from rain and storms efficiently. Civil construction plays a vital role in ensuring the design and development of efficient water sewerage systems in every project they take on. It’ll assure the city becomes one with a proper infrastructure that doesn’t disappoint its residents in any situation where the city has to deal with excessive water.

The sewerage system first, then the rest

There is one thing that everyone must understand that once a construction project or a structure stands tall on its site and is ready for people to inaugurate, it’s too late to think about how they will enable the water to flow out of the building safely. It’s something that you must consider before the start of a project.

Before starting the project’s construction, making a complete and final design of the sewerage system is crucial. If anyone forgets to do it, it’ll result in big changes in the project’s design that will increase the cost and the chances of the projects rejection from the client.

Taurus Projects has vast experience in offering civil construction services to clients in Saskatchewan, Canada. You can rely on whatever we claim because we deliver nothing but the best. You can get in touch with us by clicking here.

Tips For Hiring A General Contractor For Construction Site Services

Tips For Hiring A General Contractor For Construction Site Services

A general contractor or main contractor is a critical part to any construction project and is responsible for the day-to-day oversight and supervision of a construction site. They are responsible for providing site services and the material management necessary to complete today’s complex projects successfully. They also offer electrical and mechanical support for industrial and commercial projects.

In addition to these roles, a general contractor is also responsible for working as the mediator between the design team, the construction workers, subcontractors, and the project owner.

However, if you’re living in Canada and are thinking about starting your next big project, you’d probably know by now how difficult and challenging it is to find just the right contractor to handle your project. Finding a reliable and professional contractor is no easy task because it requires so much research and pre-planning that it can easily get overwhelming and frustrating.

For this reason, as experts in the field, Taurus Projects has compiled below a list of its best tips that can help you find the most suitable contractor to make your project dreams come true!


One of the most challenging parts of starting a new construction project is finding a reliable and responsible contractor. But as the project owner, the first question you need to ask yourself is, do you know anyone who had recently hired a contractor? Friends, family, and colleague recommendations can go a long way because their experience will help you count in or rule out a contractor in your town and will help you narrow down your list.

However, getting recommendations, although may be the simplest and easiest way to find a contractor, does not mean that you don’t do any further research or do a background check on them. Often, we have come across clients who did not do a background check after getting suggestions from their colleagues and ended up with someone who ruined their project instead of making it a success.

Background/ Experience

Doing a background check and finding a contractor that has experience in your type of project should be the first thing you do after compiling a list of contractors in your town. Every contractor has a portfolio of his past projects, so make sure you ask the company to show it to you. Their portfolio will give you an idea about their work quality and the scale at which they have managed projects.

Follow the points mentioned below to ensure your commercial contractor is reliable and has enough experience to handle your project successfully:

  • Verify the company’s credentials and make sure they have sufficient experience in projects of the same type and scale as yours.
  • Make sure the company is licensed and insured.
  • See if the company can provide you with their portfolio or a list of their previous clients and references.
  • Follow up with the company’s references to know how their project went and what was their experiences with the contractor.
  • Determine if any legal or formal complaints had ever been filed against the firm.

License And Insurance

Checking a contractor’s license and insurance is an essential step to take before finally hiring them. Making sure your general contractor is certified and insured means you’re selecting someone knowledgeable enough to handle your construction site services efficiently. Construction sites are often full of dangers and lingering hazards. Having insurance ensures that the project owner will not be responsible should anything go wrong on the site.

Follow the steps below to make sure you’re employing a reliable and professional general contractor:

  • Ask the company to give you a copy of their license and get it checked and verified. Make sure the license is valid.
  • Get a copy of their insurance certificate verified. Uninsured contractors should not be providing your construction site services at all.

These are the top three tips you need to keep in mind before hiring a contractor. If you’re looking for a professional contractor to provide you with construction site services in Saskatchewan and Alberta, visit our website or contact us today for a free consultation.

Benefits Of Portable Storage Containers At A Construction Site

Benefits Of Portable Storage Containers At A Construction Site

Construction materials and items would be lying around untidily in a haphazard manner, making the entire site unsafe if it weren’t for portable and temporary storage containers.

Material and inventory management is a big part of getting the construction job done effectively. It is key to keeping additional costs down while improving the safety and security of everyone and also increasing the timeliness and the speed of the job.

Portable storage sheds provided by Taurus Projects – as part of its site services – are an ideal material management solution. Their adaptability and sturdiness make them all-purpose temporary buildings and are used for more than just storing construction materials. Some of the benefits that you may want to enjoy during your next project by using these storage containers are;

Theft Prevention

Construction projects regularly require the use of expensive and rare materials and equipment which are often vulnerable to theft.

Construction sites are easy to swipe as most equipment looks the same without any identifiable tags. Therefore, companies must keep these materials safe from potential thieves and vandals and should ensure the security of these items throughout the project.

Taurus Projects offers storage containers to store these items. They provide an inexpensive way to prevent theft on the construction site and can help save the company money.

Protection From Bad Weather

Storm, rain, and occasional snowfall all pose risks to materials and equipment. Expensive construction equipment must properly be maintained and stored, so they remain rust and damage-free throughout the project. Broken or damaged equipment can cause delays in the project timeline. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to protect the equipment and construction material from getting destroyed by the weather. Weather-resistant and waterproof storage containers can help do this job and keep elements safe, so the work is completed efficiently.

The on-site storage containers also help protect the equipment from construction dust and debris as well as other occupational hazards.


Construction sites are usually very messy. In order to focus on the job and to ensure that every process operates smoothly, it is essential to keep the area clean and tidy. Equipment lying around everywhere can clutter things up and will increase the time it will take to complete the project.

This is especially true in urban settings or in busy areas where there is already little space to do the job. In such locations, it is, therefore, very important to make ample space for your administrative, storage, and crew needs. On-site storage containers can provide just the right space to meet all these needs. These containers keep the equipment away from traffic when not in use. The material is also easily accessible when needed.


Storage containers can be used for a lot more than just storing construction materials. They are multi-purpose and provide a variety of site solutions. For example, they can serve as a storage place, office space, changing room, mess hall, temporary sickroom, and more. They can also be used as living units for the managerial or the construction crew as they stay at the construction site for months.

On-site service providers can build more containers if the construction company requires more living units for the crew or more space to lock away their construction material and inventory.

On-site storage sheds are ideal for keeping construction equipment and materials safe and secure while enhancing workflow. If you’re looking for cost-effective and expert on-site construction services in Saskatchewan and Alberta, then visit our website or contact us today for a free quote.