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10 Safety Questions You Should Know The Answer To Before You Start A Job


When you first start a new job, you’re not aware of the variety of dangers that will present themselves to you, what to look out for, or how to safely do a job. Statistics are out there that prove that most injuries happen in the first 30 days. We even wrote an article about it! You can read that article HERE. But how can you set yourself up to be safe in today’s construction market?

The most important thing you can do is to set up an effective line of communication between you, your manager, and those around you. That means ask questions! In this blog, we’ve put together 10 questions that the Occupational Health & Safety board has outlined that you should be asking and what kind of response is expected from your employer. This should help you find out how serious your employer is safety in general and your safety specifically.

  1. What kind of hazards should I expect on my job?
    1. You should get back a detailed list of any and all hazards you will encounter on the job site.
  2. What are some other, more subtle hazards that may affect me?
    1. There are ‘hidden’ hazards on any job. High noise levels, repeated movements that lead to strain, working with dust or chemicals that may increase your disk of disease. Be clear and ask your employer about these ‘hidden’ hazards that might not be readily present.
  3. Will I receive on-the-job training to protect myself from these hazards?
    1. It is the duty of your employer to make sure you are fully trained to carry out your work safely.
  4. Are there regular health and safety meetings?
    1. This is a great question you can ask to gauge how committed a company is to your health and safety. At Taurus we have regular health and safety meetings!
  5. What are the PPE requirements of the job and what am I required to supply myself?
    1. Find out what your company is willing to supply you with and then make sure you have everything else that you need (hard hat, vest, boots, etc)!
  6. Prior to starting work, will I be trained on emergency procedures?
    1. You must be trained in the event of a fire, chemical spill, and so on, if you don’t know, ask!
  7. Where is the location of the fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and other emergency supplies?
    1. Emergency supplies must be readily available for you and you should know where it is located!
  8. What do I do in the event that I get injured?
    1. Find out who the person who is trained in emergency first aid is so that you can find them in the case of an injury or emergency.
  9. What is required from me for my own health & safety?
    1. It is your duty to protect your own safety and the safety of those around you! That means if something is asked of you that puts your co-worker’s safety in jeopardy, you must refuse to do it. If you see someone doing an unsafe act, speak up! At Taurus, we have an avenue for anonymous ways to speak up. Click HERE!
  10. Finally, who do I ask if I have a health and safety concern or question?
    1. You should always know who your direct link at your job site is should you have any health and safety concerns!

Hopefully, by asking these 10 questions, you can accurately gauge how effective of a safety program your prospective company has. Because remember, no job is worth the risk of your or anyone’s safety!

Take care and be safe!