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2015 Road Construction Season!

There’s definitely been some up and downs this year in Edmonton’s road construction season (anyone remember the 102nd Avenue Bridge buckle?), but as the city’s only other season–the winter season–starts, it’s a perfect opportunity to take a look back and see what was accomplished!

According to the official numbers, of the 167 total projects (totalling $451 million), 144 were completed on time and on budget, two were completed on time, but failed to meet budget, and 14 had significant delays or budget problems. If you do the math on that, that works out 86% on budget and on time, and a total of 96% of projects completed.

The City of Edmonton attributes the dry weather and low precipitation to the success of the summer construction season.

“This summer was dry so we’ve had good progress, we had a lot on our plate and a lot of projects have wrapped up,” said Byron Nicholson, director of special projects.

The result is that there will be significantly less closed roads, traffic, and delays on Edmonton roads this winter, which as windrows start to pile up may be a desirable outcome for commuters!

All and all, it’s been a successful construction season that Edmonton can hopefully build upon!

To see the roads that are still under construction, you can see Edmonton’s major road projects HERE.

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