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The Three Biggest Contributing Factors That Has Led To Taurus Project’s Success

First and foremost, our success can be attributed to our highly trained team, which brings with it a combined total of over 80 years management experience in the construction industry. They have been the foundation for our continued growth, success, and the company culture that we’re so proud of. Our company culture has allowed us to be flexible during the hard times, and effective when project timelines are tight. We put our entire focus on developing our team and making sure that they keep the following things front and centre, which is the first reason of three reasons why we’ve been so successful:

  1. Focusing on the Team – Our first focus is safety. From the very beginning of our company, keeping our team safe has been our #1 priority. It is our belief that the root of safety comes from two things: collective responsibility and constant, world-class training. To us, collective responsibility means that every member of our team looks out for one another. Everyone takes it upon themselves to make sure work is being done in the right way.
  2. Read more about our Behaviour Based Observation Program HERE.

  3. Everyday Innovation – We are a company that allows the free flow of communication between our on-the-ground staff and management. Our employees are all encouraged to come up with and share any idea that they might have that might improve our day-to-day operations. We want to empower our people to constantly be improving in all areas, but especially in safety and quality.
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  4. Community Involvement – We wouldn’t be here today without the support of our primary community, Fort Saskatchewan. We’ve made it a corporate goal to support the development of this amazing town and make sure that kids and families get the support they need to grow up happy and healthy. We are extremely active in youth sports, as we believe that it teaches young people a great work ethic, a healthy competitive drive, and the social skills to be a happy and strong member of the community.

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Hope this gives you a better understanding of why we have seen such tremendous success and why we believe we will continue seeing that success!
“Taurus is one of the most progressive and customer focused companies in our field, bringing a huge selection of equipment and giving improved safety and efficiency.”
Our President, Fab Loranger