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3 Overlooked Ways to Reduce Construction Site Injuries

In any industrial field, project managers should place a high priority on the safety and security of workers. Unfortunately, safety boots and equipment best practices aren’t all that workers need to stay safe.

Encourage Sleep
Sleepiness on the job, especially in a demanding job like earthworks or heavy civil construction in Alberta, can be extremely detrimental and very dangerous. Oftentimes, sleepy employees will lose focus during detail-oriented work, become more easily distracted (on events around them or with wandering thoughts), or have concentration lapses. It has been shown that losing even an hour of sleep can cause a significant amount of accidents.
To avoid a sleepy crew, a project manager should avoid working “lean” (not to be confused with the philosophical construction method of LEAN). This means that working with the absolute bare minimum amount of employees should be avoided. Also, allowing for shorter days so that employees are well rested is beneficial. Finally, developing seminars and trainings on the benefits of “sleep hygiene” will allow employees to gain more restful sleep.

Encourage Fitness
A healthy crew is a happier crew. An employee shouldn’t just be healthy enough to get the job done. Ideally, an employee should be healthy enough to do their assigned tasks and enjoy life after the workday is done.
Encouraging a physical fitness program at work – through classes, seminars, or competitions – can help crew members be healthier and happier. Many of these programs can take place on-site and will be a benefit to the business and the staff.
By encouraging health and fitness in every aspect of your employees’ lives, a project manager is helping decrease heart disease and blood pressure, increasing lung capacity, helping the employees’ bones and muscles, alleviating depression, and improving stamina and strength. This will in turn improve productivity, self-reported happiness, quality of work, efficiency, and most importantly, their safety!

Encourage Suicide Prevention
Suicide prevention is an oft-overlooked facet of many workplaces, but it is especially important in the construction industry. Many businesses don’t consider this aspect of worker health because suicide is more likely to occur off work hours, but it is directly related to workers’ well being on the job.
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The construction industry is in the top ten most at-risk industries for deaths by suicide and are 1.5x more likely to die by suicide than males in other industries.
There are several ways that a project manager can set up a suicide safety and awareness program. Promoting safety, emphasizing teamwork, encouraging employee brotherhood, cultivating a culture of wellness, and allowing workers access to insurance and mental health care can help crew members on and off of jobs.
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