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4 Ways to Increase Productivity on the Job Site

Creating productivity on a construction site is beneficial for any business as optimal productivity translates into financial profitability. Avoiding delays and implementing plans that address problem areas are helpful in dealing with overall productivity. More specifically, here are four helpful ways to ensure that productivity is being dealt with effectively.

  1. Before the project starts, analyze it in detail.  Examine each phase of the process and set specific goals. Organize the workers and the potential job requirements to identify any obstacles or barriers that may occur. Set a schedule for procuring equipment and materials as resource unavailability is one of the biggest issues in delaying a construction project. Create a contingency plan to ensure that issues can be dealt with immediately if something should go wrong. Being prepared for time-consuming mistakes or issues maximizes job site output and increases profitability.
  2. Hire a dependable foreman. Every job needs a skilled and experienced manager who is able to ensure that the work is completed according to schedule and who can promote an efficient work environment. Most foremen make between 60 to 100 decisions per day that can impact the productivity, safety, and quality of the job site. A good foreman needs to have experience in skilled labor as well as management as he trains the supervisors as well as the crew. The foreman’s guidance subsequently affects the role of the supervisor. A trained supervisor knows the difference between challenging and policing and is aware of the need to focus on quality and safety. An immediate benefit can be seen from training all workers who have direct management over the crews.
  3. Provide training for the crew if needed. Quality of work and productivity can be compromised if the workers are not properly trained. If a project changes or new processes need to be implemented, make sure the workers understand why the changes are being made. The best time to put new processes into place is at transition times such as when the days get longer in the spring, when moving to a new job site, at the start of a new phase and when there are changes in team members. If necessary, provide instruction and training as the project dictates. Ensure that all workers are aware of safety on the job site as productivity can produce higher quality work with fewer accidents.
  4. Incorporate technology as a tool. Using mobile applications to jot down product orders, dimensions, and material lists while on the job site eliminates the tedious task of paperwork. New apps can enhance job site productivity with measurement tools, unit converters, LED lights, voice memo capabilities and more. Dealer locators can tap into GPS enabled phones to do the work for you while online tool catalogs can make it easy to identify tools and product numbers for purchasing. At this point in time, larger companies are more inclined to take advantage of technology, however, any size company can reap the benefits. Most technology is extremely affordable and can be beneficial in several aspects of the construction project.

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