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5 Construction Projects Currently Underway in Alberta

The economic downturn has certainly affected Alberta’s economy, but despite setbacks, construction projects are continuing to thrive. As the economy moves towards recovery here are some current interesting projects that are having a positive impact on the Alberta economy.

    1. The North West Bitumen Refinery Phase 1
      Alberta’s first refinery to be built in more than 30 years is located approximately 45 km northeast of Edmonton in Sturgeon County. The North West Redwater Partnership’s project is dedicated to maximizing the efficient use of resources. With the environment in mind, the refinery will provide integration of gasification with carbon capture and storage. 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 will be captured yearly while products such as bitumen will be converted into ultra low sulphur diesel and other products. The location of the refinery further contributes to the environmental footprint as local resources can be easily accessed and close proximity to major crude oil and diluent pipelines is advantageous.  The first phase is expected to be completed in September 2017 and approximately 3,500 workers are bused to and from the site daily.  The estimated cost of this project is 8.5 billion dollars.
    2. Edmonton Office Tower
      The 27 storey tower developed by the Katz Group/WAM Development Group is expected to be finished in November 2016. Approximately 2,300 city employees will share the space with the private sector. The building features large floor plates where several city departments can interact. Located at 104 Ave and 101 St., the main level will include retail shopping and other services. The estimated cost of the project is 300 million dollars.
    3. Composting Facility, Shepard Landfill
      In 2015, the work began on the City of Calgary’s new organics composting facility. It is expected to open mid-2017 and will be the largest of its kind in Canada. The facility will be able to produce high-quality compost from food and yard waste as well as dewatered biosolids. The facility is located south of 114th Avenue in South East Calgary and will consist of three buildings…the main building, curing building and storage building.  The total square footage of the facility is 521,000 square feet. Calgary city council approved a capital budget of 143 million dollars.
    4. University of Lethbridge Destination Project
      The University of Lethbridge is developing a new science and academic addition to their campus.  The centre will be 36,000 sq metres in size and will become a science centre for southern Alberta.  With education, resources, and training unmatched anywhere in the world, the centre incorporates some unique features such as floating meeting rooms and a winter garden.  It will provide an interactive and educational experience for students and visitors. The estimated cost of development is 200 million dollars and is expected to be completed in 2019.
    5. Zoo Redevelopment Phase 1
      The Calgary Zoo has a two-phase plan for redeveloping and improving their facility. At a development cost of $162 million, the First Phase will include changes to the areas of Destination Africa as well as the Shadow of the Himalayas.  The zoo plans to develop the area of the Himalayas to provide a home for giant pandas expected in 2018. Also included in the development are the Gardens area which includes the Enmax Conservatory. The project is expected to be completed in 2018.

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