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It’s that time of year again where construction season slows down and the roads in Alberta are overtaken with heavy snow, freezing rain, icy roads, and everyone’s favourite: awful drivers! Since we know that every winter it seems like everyone completely forgets how to drive, we thought some general tips for winter driving could benefit us all.

So here are 5 tips to help you stay safe through these winter months in Alberta.

1) Four Wheel Drive Doesn’t Make You Invincible

Just because you are behind the wheel of a four wheel drive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious of the condition of the roads and those around you.

2) Prepare For Everything 

That means get your winter tires, make sure your car can handle the low temperatures, get your wipers checked, invest in a good scraper, always have gloves in your car, and so on! Don’t be caught off guard!

3) Keep Your Distance

On an icy road, it takes about 4-10 times as long to break when compared to a dry summer road. Keeping your distance will allow you the time you need to come to a complete stop.

4) Go Easy On The Breaks

When you feel your car start to drift on some ice, don’t slam on breaks. This will make your car slide even more, as your tires lose their traction. Instead, just ease off your accelerator, and steer yourself to a safe place. If breaking is a must, pump your breaks quickly.

5) Don’t Push Your Speed Limit

The key here is the word “your” limit. The posted speed limits may not be necessarily the best speeds to be going.

BONUS TIP: Always add extra time to get to your destination to avoid having to rush to your destination because you’re late.

Hope these tips help everyone stay safe this winter! Make sure to check back every Monday for safety tips, heavy civil and construction news, or what’s going on in the Northern Alberta, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton and the Fort McMurray community.