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7 Construction Industry Myths That May Surprise You!


Myth #1: The Construction Industry Is Only For Men

Not true! There are over 163000 women employed in the Canadian construction industry!

Myth #2: Anyone Can Get A Job In The Construction Industry

This is far from true. Most construction workers have either some college education or are considered skilled tradesmen. Beyond that, the construction industry is known for sending their employees to get further training and education to suit their field. Most upper management positions like project management have a degree requirement.

Myth #3: Working In Construction Is Dangerous

While this can certainly be true, and construction is one the most dangerous jobs someone can work in, there has been incredible progress over the years in the health and safety of construction workers.

But even in the last 10 years, there have been great improvements.

Myth #4: People Work In Construction Because They Can’t Get a Job Anywhere Else

The majority of people who work in construction are there for a reason: because they love their job, the opportunities it gives them, and the people they work with. Job satisfaction and employee happiness are among the highest around for the construction Industry.

Myth #5: Construction Is A Simple Job

Construction workers are required to “think outside the box” on a daily basis. Their in-the-moment problem solving skills and ability to solve complex problems are constantly tested and are always an asset on any job site.

Myth #6: There Is No Room To Be Successful In Construction

The construction industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the largest industries in Canada. The scope of projects can range from little to massive and the sky is the limit with personal and professional growth. It is also one of the only businesses where entrepreneurs can start a quickly growing lucrative business on their own.

Myth #7: Construction Is Bad For The Environment

The construction industry is one of the most regulated industries for environmental impact. We at Taurus Projects like to think we are on the forefront of our environmental protection. You can see our program HERE.