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9 Highly Tweetable Facts That Show How Important Safety Is!

In the construction industry, we’re told from day one how important work safety is, but sometimes it’s hard to get that fact across. Platitudes like, “safety is number one” or “Always Be Safe” are strewn around the job site, trying to remind people to be safe, but sometimes the best way to keep your employees safe is with some cold hard facts on safety. Here are 9 highly tweetable facts that put your safety and the safety of your staff into perspective!

  1. Falls are the #1 cause of construction site injuries.
  2. There were 169 fatalities in Alberta from workplace related incidents in 2014.
  3. Over a 40 year career, there’s a 1 in 200 chance that a worker could die.
  4. From 2002-2012, 20% of all work-related fatalities in the United States were in the construction industry.
  5. Studies show that in the heavy industries up to 25% of injuries (every fourth worker) will be injured within the first 30 days of starting their new job. Think of that — the first 30 days! See how you can protect your new workers HERE.
  6. Currently, 21% of the working population in Canada experiences mental health problems and / or illnesses. See our blog on mental health HERE.
  7. Some good news! Road construction fatalities have declined 36% since 2005.
  8. According the American Society of Safety Engineers a comprehensive workplace safety program can decrease the likelihood of a workplace injury by up to 50%.
  9. A public health sciences professor by the name of J. Paul Leigh at the University of California, Davis has estimated that the economic burden of work-related injuries has costed the United States $250 billion a year!

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