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Announcing a Few New Exciting Milestones and Partnerships!


Recently, Taurus held a celebration for reaching 500,000 safety man-hours without a Lost Time Incident (LTI), a safety milestone on our Common Services contract with Northwest Redwater Partnership project!

The celebration was attended by all employees who each received a Taurus jacket signifying the 500,000 hours on the sleeve. With the dedication and commitment of our employees, craft, supervision and management, this goal was obtainable. Dallas Dolanz, the Project Manager on the Northwest Redwater Upgrader Site, praised all employees and workers for their proactive attitude and commitment towards safety.

Applauding the employees’ and workers’ efforts in achieving this milestone, Taurus Safety Lead Les Welling said: ‘At Taurus, we believe that ownership of safety is everyone’s responsibility and the achievement of 500,000 work-hours without Lost Time Incident could not have been achieved without the commitment of employees to this principle. Thanks to all who worked so safely to assist us in this achievement, let’s keep up the great work!!!

In other exciting news, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Stantec and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park upgrading their existing lagoons! Taurus will provide the mulching, civil work, lining, dewatering, installation of lift station, reclamation and seeding services for this project. But not only that, we also happy to announce our new partnership with Sunlake SK E&C at the Suncor Fort Hills project providing materials management services to the projects at the Fort Hills and Voyageur sites. Taurus is looking forward to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with many more safety milestones to be proud of. Sunlake SK E&C is a company with values like having no one member more important than the other, all equally committed to providing a high-quality product in a safe manner. And finally, our last exciting announcement is our a new partnership with Dufferin Construction Company at the Edmonton International Airport (EIA- #YEG) providing storm-water upgrades to the Northwest of airport. This project will consist of civil work, excavation, erosion and sediment control, pond lining systems, reclamation and sodding.