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Our Backbone & The Way We Work

At Taurus, we believe the way towards teamwork, integrity, and high performance standards is by our leaders and managing team embodying those qualities. This is why our senior executives are involved in all levels of our projects, starting from day one, and stay involved until the project is complete.
How else does our management team form the backbone of our company?
They are beacons of strength, performance and passion, exemplifying the values that stand for Taurus Projects.
Each one has a specific and strong commitment which has contributed significantly to the continued growth, success, and leadership of the company.
No matter what it is that our team is working on, be it restoration, site preparation, a new facility, or facility renovation, earthworks, industrial works, and much more, we have the experience and personnel who are committed to providing the highest quality construction on schedule and within budget.
Because of our central location, right in the heart of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, we have the added advantage of a strong local presence, but a broad geographic reach, right across Western Canada.

The type of business relationship you’ll get with Taurus:
On every work site, you’ll be met with a company that prides itself on professional and timely delivery of quality services, with an up-to-date fleet of top-of-the-line equipment.
A team that will always do their best to meet and succeed the client’s expectations.
A team that has a strong belief in safety and a history of accountability.
Our main goals on every project include safety, quality, time, and overall cost, with secondary goals including careful growth and continued improvement.
We have a keen determination to finish every project on time and within budget.
Is this the type of team you want to work for? Contact us here and let’s start working together today!