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The Best Safety Fails From Around The Web 2.0!

Our last “The Best Safety Fails From Around The Web” was a huge hit and one of our most viewed blog posts that we’ve ever had. Plus, today is Friday, and who wants to be too serious on a Friday. The weekend’s almost here! So sit back and enjoy another round of the top safety fails from around the net.

Hopefully through the carelessness of others we can all learn a thing or two about how to be safer on the work-site! And just to re-iterate the importance of safety:over 2 million people die a year from workplace accidents.

1) There’s really no explanation for this one. Mind blowing.

2) Human bodies are not proper counter-weights

3) And neither are shoddily set up cement bags. This is absolutely, mind-blowingly, terrifying.

4) Mattresses: for when you don’t own a safety manual.

5) And since we included a quick-fix involving duct tape for Edmonton’s roads, here’s another!

6) Last, if you ever doubted the need for a hardhat, this should change your mind mighty quickly!

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Hopefully you laughed a little and learned a lot!