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The Best Safety Fails From Around the Web 4.0!


If there’s one thing that Taurus takes seriously, it’s safety. As a company that is constantly seeking to improve our safety processes, it’s something that each and every member of our team holds in high regard. That’s why we have to shake our heads at these photos. We know how much our readers love seeing one of our most popular series, The Best Safety Fails Around the World, so we brought it back to remind you what not to do. If you haven’t seen the last 3 editions, make sure you check them out Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE, and Part 3 HERE to get up to speed!

1) Have some cinderblocks lying around? Take a page from this guy and use them for a boost!

2) This must be some new PPE in the works!

3) We can’t even begin to describe what’s wrong with this one!

4) We’re pretty sure the Occupational Health and Safety Association won’t approve of these safety glasses!

5) Need some shade on a hot summer day? This probably isn’t the safest place to cool off!

6) We wouldn’t want to be around when that load is in the air!

What did you think of these safety fails? If you’ve come across a picture of a safety fail, feel free to send it to us on Facebook or Twitter!