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The Best Safety Fails From Around The Web!


For something a little more lighthearted this week, we thought it would be fun to collect a few safety construction fails from around the web for your viewing pleasure!

This is more terrifying than funny. What happens if there is a fire? Have they ever heard of the Hamlet Chicken Processing Plant fire? Read about it HERE.

A great place to put an outlet! Major fail.

Pothole season begins in YEG!

That doesn’t look safe!

“Hold my legs, i’m going in!”

Always check before you dig!

Hope you enjoyed this little look into the worst safety fails from around the web! Remember that it is easier to ask dumb safety questions than it is to make dumb safety mistakes. And if you ever want to talk to your supervisor about safety, we wrote an article a few months back about how to talk to your supervisor about safety! Click HERE for the article!

Take care! Think Safe! Be Safe!