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The Best Safety Fails From Around The World 3.0


One of our most popular series has been our Safety Fails series of blog posts. You can see Part 1 HERE or Part 2 HERE. In this series, our goal is to show our viewers the safe way to carry out your work by showing you the wrong way! We believe by seeing that these insane safety infractions do still exist, you’ll look around your own worksite and re-consider what safety infractions are occurring on your own work site.

Plus, it’s Christmas Eve and who wants to do anything but enjoy some absurdly ridiculous safety fails?

1) This was captioned: “They didn’t want to go back and get their ladder.”

2) There are a ridiculous amount of ladder safety fails that you’ll find everywhere. It’s one of the biggest safety infractions you’ll find on almost every work site!

3) This welder will be blind before he knows it. And wait, are those Nike trainers? Definitely not worksite approved!

4) This one is just mind blowingly dangerous. What happens if their grip slips? His shirt rips? Health and Safety managers everywhere are losing it over this!

5) Scaffolding gone wrong!

Finally, a word on safety!

That’s all for today! Happy Holidays to our readers, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton and the general construction community!