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What Does Environmental Protection Mean To Taurus?

Taurus is a company that is committed to the environmental protection of the surrounding area during all business activities and projects that we accomplish. Our management team will always ensure that we are not only in compliance with all applicable laws and industry standards, but are going above and beyond to make sure our environment is safe and protected.

We recognize that environmental protection is not only a matter of public interest but simply good business practice for any business. At all times environmental issues on all projects are properly communicated to our employees and we are continuously striving to provide solutions to future environmental problems that may arise.

  • Educating employees on environmental issues.
  • Potential environmental impact occurring from business activities will be identified and addressed at all stages of a project.
  • Our goal is to avoid environmental damage where possible and to mitigate where avoidance is impossible.
  • The application of stringent environmental standards ensures that adverse impacts are avoided, minimized or effectively mitigated.

While there is no way around the minor waste that results from daily operations, we feel it is our obligation to minimize that waste to the best of our ability. Waste products are collected, recycled, or disposed of with licensed waste handlers and facilities, according to the characteristics of the product. Employees and management work together to create a healthy and clean environment for the benefit of ourselves, future generations, and the entire community.

This is all just a reflection of our commitment to the community we live, work, play, and start a family in. This is literally our community, which is why keeping it a healthy and clean environment for our children to live in is of utmost importance to us and is the basis for our carefully considered goals, programs, and partners. We’re always responding to pressing issues, such as mitigating climate change and using energy more efficiently.

Here are a few solutions we have initiated to facilitate our environmental commitments:

  • Employee education
  • Anti-idling of vehicles and equipment
  • Vehicle maintenance programs
  • Recycle Programs
  • Purchasing of recycled and Energy Star products
  • Working with garbage disposal companies for 97% recycability exceeding Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Standards
  • Environmental Audits

We hope this gave you an inside look into what we’re doing to keep our community environmentally safe for generations to come! We as a community must always be looking forward and considering what impact today we will have on tomorrow, rather than simply considering the profit of today.