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What To Expect With Residential Snow Removal In Edmonton


The snow removal budget in Edmonton is expected to be about $10 million over budget in 2014, with an original projected budget of $54 million. Based off these numbers, it should come as no surprise to anyone that snow removal is a large part of the heavy civil sector in Edmonton during the winter months.

There are a number of different aspects of snow removal that goes on in the heavy civil industry. One of the main ones that Taurus can sometimes be involved in, because we are a heavy civil contractor in Northern Alberta, Edmonton, and Fort Saskatchewan, is residential blading and neighbourhood snow removal. We thought it might be helpful to give the community a rundown of what to expect when their neighbourhood gets bladed or plowed after a heavy snowfall.

First, the City of Edmonton has provided a pretty good rundown of the whole process HERE. They quickly outline a few bullet points

  • Blading is on the same day of the week all winter in your area
  • Blading will only happen on weekdays, not weekends.
  • Your snow day will be on the schedule when you use the address lookup tool or interactive map.
  • Crews can be on your street any time during the 24 hours designated.
  • Make sure they have complete and clear access to the roads during your area’s snow day.

You can check this map to see where your neighbourhood snow removal day is:

A few more things to know about the neighbourhood blading:

  • Moving vehicles off the road on your snowday will help crews clear the roads more efficiently.
  • If a street is listed as ‘Completed’ but hasn’t been bladed citizens should call 311.
  • A windrow is a pile of snow on the side of a road that was created by plowing or blading.
  • According to Edmonton city policy, they windrows will not be removed.
  • Windrows may create a loss of on-street parking for residents.

We know how stressful winter driving already is and the last thing someone wants is to be stressed out because their neighbourhood roads aren’t driveable.

One last thing! Here’s exactly what we hope you won’t see when you come out of work!