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The Four Levels Of Commitment To Work Safety


Safety is a choice that we make every time we step out onto the job site to perform our day’s work. In fact, everything we do, from being a toddler to adulthood, has some element of risk, and we either decide to make a conscious effort to mitigate and manage that risk, or we don’t.

When each worker puts on their boots and enters the work site, they make a choice to either fall into one of four levels of commitment to job safety. What are they?

Level 1: Comply With Safety Obligations When It Is Convenient

At the first level is an employee who follows safety guidelines only when the boss is looking. They don’t believe in safety guidelines, and they don’t think they matter. This employee believes he knows better, and that he can be safe without real guidelines. Watch out for this employee! The best way to fight against it is to create a culture of safety from the ground up where all members of the team believe in safety.

Level 2: Comply With Safety Obligations When I Have To

This employee follows the rules, but only because they’re the rules, not because they actually believe in them. This is a safer employee than the Level 1 employee, but their disingenuous following of the rules, and inability to believe in a safety culture, may infect other employees. This is not an ideal team member for creating a positive company culture.

Level 3: Believes In Safety For Me And My Family

This is someone who believes in safety and follows the guidelines because they believe it will make them a safer person, which will be good for their well being and their family. Note: Often a person may seem, on the surface, to be a level 3, but they’re actually a level 2. Again, this level is achieved by creating a safety culture that wholeheartedly believes in the guidelines they’re following.

Level 4: Believes In Safety For Me, My Family, And My Co-Workers

This is the ideal level of safety for all employees. Not only do they believe in the inherent goodness of the safety guidelines, but they also believe it’s imperative that they are safe for themselves, their family, and their team members. When you reach this level, your employees will work as a team to ensure they all get home to their families.

And what’s the number one way we can make employees go from Level 1 to Level 4? By building a safety culture that makes safety personal. When employees understand the ramifications of unsafe acts can go beyond the corporate level, they make positive safety choices themselves!