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Our Full Safety Program

Our safety program was designed by our dedicated corporate safety manager, Floyd House. Its end goal was to create a working space that has strong safety results while still remaining environmentally friendly, conscious, and competitive. At the end of the day, we know our clients receive a better value by working with a company that focuses on safety of its workforce and the environment. That is why safety is more than just slogans and lip service at Taurus, it is a way of life that we practice day in and day out.

To achieve this, we integrate health, safety and environmental considerations into all decisions that affect our operations. Some of the ways we are continually improving our safety performance is by:

  • Going above and beyond legal and regulatory requirements by developing innovative solutions to health and safety issues.
  • Providing an open door policy to any employee who wishes to report a health, safety, or environmental concern.
  • On-the-site training is available to all personnel when it is required or sought after.
  • Registering with compliance networks like CanQual, PICS and ISNetworld
  • Maintaining a weekly blog, Twitter and Facebook that is largely dedicated to on-the-job safety (which you are reading!!). As an example of how much we focus on safety in the blog, the word safety has so far been mentioned 87 times in the last 9 months, not counting this blog post.
  • Using a Short Service Worker (SSW) program to guarantee new employees are meeting all our safety, health and environmental regulations, which you can read about HERE.
  • A Driver Training Program for anyone driving or operating Taurus equipment, which you can read about HERE. .
  • A peer to peer Behavior Based Observation Program (BBO) to encourage all employees to reinforce safe behavior, which you can read about HERE.
  • A brand new fire hazard training program, which you can read about HERE.
  • And finally, we do a team-wide daily stretch to cut down on easily preventable strains and injuries that can occur, which you can ofcourse read about HERE.

Everyone that works with and for Taurus is held accountable in ensuring their own safety, that of other employees, and the general public.