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Get Ready for Edmonton’s Construction Season!


Now that the snow is gone, we can finally get outside and enjoy Edmonton’s beautiful weather. While many people will spend the next few months fishing, camping, and basking in the great outdoors, we will be participating in one of our favourite pastimes: construction season!

As Edmonton’s population grows, so does its demands. That means that companies like Taurus will be spending the season on a variety of projects. Besides larger notable structures like the Bridge Replacement Project from 102 Avenue over Groat Road and the Walterdale Bridge, Edmonton’s new development plans also include 217 other projects. These improvements range from pavement renewal and road rehabilitation to LRT growth and neighbourhood reconstruction throughout the city.

Federal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi has stated that Edmontonians can expect announcements in regards to funding for specific infrastructure projects during construction season, including more information on repairing the Yellowhead Trail. The City of Edmonton has requested $1 billion from the Building Canada Fund to be used on the highway to reduce traffic jams and accidents. “There are many projects that we are looking at under the national component of the Building Canada Fund,” says Sohi. “We will apply the criteria to each project. This is not about picking one project over another.”

Once the budget is passed and negotiations with each province are complete, the government will, according to Sohi, “start flowing the money in this construction season.” “I know it’s an ambitious goal, but my staff is ready to take on that challenge that we do not lose another construction season the way we have lost two previous construction seasons because of lack of commitment from the previous government.”

These transportation advancements are based on The City of Edmonton’s master plan – The Way We Move. In the document, the City aims to create the resources necessary for our growing population. They also plan on creating “an interconnected, multi-modal transportation system where citizens can walk, bike, and ride transit efficiently and conveniently to their desired location.” For more information on The Way We Move, visit this link.

To get the full list of Edmonton’s projects currently underway, visit this link on their website. And if you’re not doing so already, make sure you follow Taurus on Facebook and Twitter! That’s where we’ll be sharing our most recent news regarding construction and safety in Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and the surrounding area!