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Here’s What You Need to Know For “Safe Digging Month!”


April is Safe Digging Month and part of our job at Taurus is to promote safe working practices wherever possible. Part of this commitment means being proactive and knowing the area we’re working on before we start working on it. Although this is standard practice in the construction industry, this also applies off of the job site.

According to the Alberta Common Ground Appliance, there are more than 1,500,000 km worth of buried lines throughout Alberta, including 400,000 km of high pressure pipelines. These lines are used to distribute everything from water, oil, and electricity and can easily be tampered by digging. What most people don’t know is these lines are located underneath urban, suburban, and rural parts of the province and puncturing a line is one of the most common ways of putting your life and property at risk!

Regardless of how big your project is, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to stay safe. These rules apply whether you’re a contractor working on behalf of a client or you’re an everyday person looking to upgrade the perimeter of your home with a DIY project.

Unsure of what to do before your next project? Before you start planning everything out, use the handy acronym C.A.R.E to make sure that you’re not putting yourself or your community at risk:

Click Before You Dig is a site anyone can use! This free service offered by Alberta One-Call makes it easy for anyone to get a second opinion before you start digging.

Allow at least 2 business days for a representative to survey the area and give you the go ahead

Respect the judgement of the operator. If they do not deem the area as safe, don’t try to ignore their words. Doing so can lead to dire consequences.

Excavate safely! If you reach this stage, your representative has deemed the area to be free of buried lines. You are free to start your project!

For more information on Click Before You Dig, make sure you visit this link. Not only can C.A.R.E. save you time and money, but you can also protect yourself from any potential underground hazards. What are you doing for Safe Digging Month? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!