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The Importance of Eye Safety!

Although it only protects a small section of your body, eyewear is a necessary piece of PPE. Having the right form of eye protection can be the difference between a minor scare and a life-changing injury and we want to prevent any accidents before they occur. According to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, approximately 700 Canadians experience an eye-related injury every day. The consequences of these accidents include an inability to work and in some cases, permanent blindness. Safety glasses are the most common form of eyewear, but they aren’t the only ones you should be using. Depending on the job, you may need to protect your eyes by wearing other PPE like goggles or face shields.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration states that many eye and face injuries occur because workers are either wearing the wrong type of protection or are wearing poorly fitting eyewear. If the equipment is too big or too small, it may leave you susceptible to more injuries. Because you can be exposed to everything from dirt, dust, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, and material objects while on the job site, it’s important that you have the right type of eyewear for the job. Your eyewear should be snug, but not uncomfortable to the point where it may impact your job. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you have the right type of eyewear, ask your co-worker for a second opinion.

It’s important that your eyewear is easily accessible and maintained properly when you’re not using it. This ensures that a longer shelf life. When inspecting your eyewear, check to see that it features the Canadian Standards Association symbol. This means that it has been verified by the CSA and is an acceptable form of protection.

What to Do If You Get Hurt

Although we do our best to stay safe, sometimes accidents happen. If you know what to do before you get hurt, you can decrease the impact of your injuries getting worse. If you get something in your eye, resist the temptation to remove it by using your hands or rubbing it out. This can force the object to go even deeper and can lead to more damage. Report the incident to your supervisor and let them take the appropriate actions. We don’t have the ability to replace eyes, so be proactive and take the necessary steps to keep them safe.

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