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How We Incorporate Our Code of Conduct Into Daily Practices

At Taurus, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive Global Code of Conduct policy that guides our day-to-day operations. We work together as a collective to prioritize safe, ethical practices in our daily routine, and our Code of Conduct acts as a reference for any questionable situation an employee, client, or business partner may be involved in. Taurus is committed to delivering sustained growth through empowered people acting with responsibility and building trust, and we can’t do that without a total team effort day in and day out.

How We Treat Each Other

First and foremost, safety is our primary concern for everyone on or near a job site. Each one of us is expected to take every safety precaution necessary to ensure a safe and secure workplace for all. We ask all employees to always speak up and raise a concern if there is ever a task being done that they consider unsafe or a vehicle or piece of equipment that’s not operating properly. As a result of this policy, Taurus offers several channels to seek guidance, raise a concern, or file a report through our anonymous Speak Up program. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and you must insist that work is done safely no matter what your job is.

Taurus employees and representatives are also expected to show respect and act with integrity in the workplace, ensure ethics in our business relationships, and perform work responsibly for our shareholders. We have detailed anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and anti-violence policies that ensure all staff equal opportunity and a safe work environment.

How We Treat Our Clients and Suppliers

Our contracts with customers always reflect the importance and value we place on their business. Integrity in the marketplace requires all Taurus employees to treat customers fairly, ethically, and in compliance with all applicable laws. When dealing with clients, we ask our employees to always earn their business on the basis of superior products, customer service, and competitive prices, present our services and products in an honest and forthright manner and deliver on our promises.

At Taurus, we hold our suppliers to the same standards of integrity we hold ourselves. All suppliers must adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct in order to do business with us. An unethical or illegal act of a supplier may hurt Taurus’s reputation as a world-class company and cause a loss of goodwill in the communities we serve.

How We Treat Our Community

Taurus’ role in the community is guided by the principles of Performance with Purpose that has four core concepts – Performance, and Human, Environmental, and Talent Sustainability. Performance is our ongoing dedication to delivering financial results and ensuring long-term profitable growth; human is our commitment to providing customers with a variety of product and service choices to help them lead healthier lives; environmental is the way we protect earth’s natural resources through innovation and efficient processes; and finally, talent sustainability refers to how Taurus invests in our associates to develop skills while creating employment opportunities in our community.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we incorporate our values into daily operations check out our Global Code of Conduct policy, reach out us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, or contact us here!