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How We Keep On Guard Against Unsafe Behaviour

At Taurus, we are continuously looking for ways to keep on a vigilant guard against unsafe behaviour and promote safety initiatives company wide. This is the idea behind our Behaviour Based Observation Program (BBO). We’ve had a lot of success with this program already and believe it should and will be the safety standard in the construction industry and the Heavy Civil Industry in Alberta in the years to come.

What is it?
The program is a peer-to-peer method of coaching, counselling, and encouraging all employees to reinforce safe behaviour on the job site. Analysis of incidents shows that +/- 90% of them have the behaviour of the person(s) involved as a key contributing factor. Of the 10% remaining, +/- 90% of them have the behaviour of a person, not directly involved in the incident, as a contributing factor. By eliminating these behaviours before they become a problem we hope to greatly reduce the number of accident incidents on the work site. The Behaviour Based Program is also a great way to further a company culture of safety where each man and woman looks after one another on the job site.
This is achieved through an observation cycle which consists of:

  • Observe people
  • Analyze their work practices by focusing on safe and unsafe behaviours
  • Talk with them about safety
  • Actively correct and prevent unsafe acts and conditions
  • Reinforce safe behaviour of all employees
  • Report the observations and how they can be improved

Some of the benefits for Taurus and our clients are:

  • Enhanced reporting
  • Increased hazard recognition
  • Share recognized Hazards
  • Data gathered is used to develop trends
  • Trended data can be used to improve overall safety for employees
  • Employees have greater sense of ownership of the HSE program
  • Incentives may be tied to best quality observations
  • Increased employee retention
  • Encourage a culture of safety within the company.
  • Improved safety processes

A word of caution: this program isn’t a catch all fix that will magically erase all your safety problems. We don’t think this will fix everything, which is why this is only one aspect of our safety program. We believe an effective safety program should have a mixture of different tactics, something similar to this Venn diagram.

These safety initiatives are just a small part of the culture we’re trying to foster at Taurus. If your company values align with ours, please don’t hesitate to contact us HERE!