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A Look Into A Major Project: Eastern Alberta Transmission Line

In just over 8 years, we have been incredibly fortunate to be a part of some fantastic projects that have shaped the face of Western Canada and we hope to be a part of many more! We have already talked about the Northwest Redwater Partnership, one of the most significant energy sector projects in Alberta’s recent history. It is always a pleasure to share with our audience, clients, and contractors the extraordinary things we are during every day at Taurus, as we are both literally building the community from the ground up!

The next project we wanted to talk about is the Eastern Alberta Transmission Line. Here’s the full breakdown of the project:

The Project:
This $1.8 billion project is one of the largest transmission projects in Alberta’s history. It is the first newly built, long-distance, HVDC line in Canada since the completion of the Quebec – New England Transmission Project in 1986.

The Challenge:
Material Handling in extreme locations while covering extreme distances and conditions.

We were responsible for the unloading and reloading of material to three separate yards that spanned 485 km from the northernmost yard (Gibbons-Redwater) to the southernmost yard (Brooks). During the project, it was our job to keep track of the entire inventory and report any shortages or damage caused during shipment or destuffing of the sea cans by our crews. The biggest overall challenge we faced on this assignment was the ever changing delivery schedule as a result of the variety of installation crews and the ground conditions, weather, and environmental guidelines on each site.

The Result:
We were able to meet and exceed any and all expectations our client had of us. As a result of our performance throughout the project, we have become a preferred contractor should the client need us for any other future projects.

The result of the project will reinforce Alberta’s electrical grid to meet increased demand and ensure all Albertans have access to the most reliable and cost effective electricity available.