Blog Post

Looking Forward To 2015!

In last week’s blog post, we went over our 8th year of in operation, we gave thanks to everyone we worked with and worked for, and now we’re starting to look forward to the next year in heavy civil in Northern Alberta and more specifically, Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan. While our 8th year was our busiest year yet, we don’t plan on slowing down in 2015! Once everyone has enjoyed their RNR and is back from their holidays, we have big plans and big things in store for our 9th year servicing our industry.

When we look around us, we see and feel an optimistic energy in the heart of Alberta’s industrial industry! Just take a look at Edmonton’s budget projections for 2014, which you can find HERE. The City has allocated a great deal of its budget to building up its infrastructure, maintaining roads, snow clearing, a wide (and incredibly large) variety of construction projects, which will in turn progress our own industry to the benefit of everyone.

In our other home town, Fort Saskatchewan, we are looking at an Operating Budget of 67 million and a Capital Budget of 14 million, which is telling of the optimism for growth in Northern Alberta. You can find that budget HERE.

In the New Year, we hope to be a part of this growth, and we truly believe it will be a happy one.

As always, enjoy your New Years festivities, wherever they should take you, and don’t forget the most important aspect of the night, SAFETY!

Do not drink and drive! Happy New New Years!