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The NAIT Scholarship program

At Taurus, we know how important education is to growing and cultivating a sense of community within Alberta, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan or any community for that matter. We also know that being a part of a sports team is both beneficial to a sense of community in the schools and for the growth and health of each student that is part of that sports team. That is why we at Taurus want to let everyone know that we offer a athletic scholarship program through NAIT.

The program is available to student athletes enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Administration, Civil Engineering Technology or Electrical Engineering Technology program at NAIT. The Award is based on the acceptance into the program and acceptance onto a NAIT intercollegiate team. A NAIT coaching staff selects 2 recipients every fall to receive a $2500.00 scholarship.

We hope through this program, we are giving two students a chance at a well-rounded post-secondary education that is free from the monetary stress that often comes with the education. This way they can just focus on being better members of society, better athletes, and in turn, foster and grow our overall community after they graduate.

All the information about the scholarship can be found HERE.

To see all the ways we get involved in there community, you can see that HERE.

If you know anyone that is attending NAIT and is on an athletic team, let them know about this scholarship! It could save them a lot of headache when paying back their tuition in the future.