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New To Taurus Projects? Get To Know Us!


Welcome to Taurus Projects! With all of the newcomers to our website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we thought we would provide some information on the company as a whole.

A History of Taurus Projects Group Inc.

Forming in 2006, Taurus began operating in Fort Saskatchewan because of its location to industrial plants and projects and its proximity to Edmonton, and its close ties to the Fort Saskatchewan construction community. Our management team has more than 80 years in the construction industry, and we’re confident that we can handle anything that comes our way. We’ve got more than 175 skilled professionals and each one of them is committed to providing the best possible care and quality with every project that we take on.

In the year and a half since we created our social media accounts, Taurus has quickly become a hub for construction information. To date, we’ve got nearly 5,000 followers on Twitter1,374 on Facebook, and 186 followers on LinkedIn (and if you’re on those platforms, make sure you follow us!) We use these tools to stay up-to-date and share news about the industry, as well as for advertising career opportunities and updating the world about everything Taurus-related.

Some of the services we do at Taurus include installing and maintaining trailers, waste management earthworks, laydown management, snow removal, building erection, and many other (visit this link to see a full list of our services).

How We’re Committed To Safety

With all of these services offered, it’s important that we stay vigilant and committed to a safety culture. With programs like our Behaviour Based Observation Program, we’re constantly looking to educate each other as to why safety is so important. Recently, we held our quarterly Safety Symposium (like this one with former Edmonton Eskimo Dan Comiskey) and invited many people within our industry, including workers, sub-contracts, supervisors, client representatives, and the entire Taurus management team.

By following the latest safety practices and regulations, our employees are able to stay accountable, which gives our clients peace of mind. We also spend lots of time showing our employees how they can make a difference. Whether that means explaining the benefits of ergonomics or giving them a daily stretching program, investing in safety programs means that our employees will be more prepared and more effective at work.

Winner of the Contractor of the Year Award!

This past year, Taurus was recognized by Alberta Venture’s Contractor of the Year Awards. We won the award in the Heavy Civil category and we couldn’t have done it without our hardworking team (to see our recap of the event, read this post). We’re proud that our organization was honoured for supporting projects in the community and that we got to celebrate amongst our friends and colleagues in the industry!

Do you have any questions about Taurus, our equipment, or our services? If so, visit our Contact page. We pride ourselves on answering any questions that we receive and we promise to respond to you as soon as we can.