A Look Back at Our Greatest Hits on Social Media

In the latter part of our decade working in Alberta's construction industry, we've invested more time and effort into our online presence to further our company values of transparency and accountability. Now, we're celebrating a recent accomplishment of hitting over 2,000 followers on Facebook and 7,000 followers on Twitter by taking a look back at some [...]

Taurus in the Community – How We Help Our Neighbors

The benefits of community-business partnerships are numerous. From a business perspective, the relationship provides visibility for companies working within the community. A partnership can open up new business opportunities when the community directly or indirectly supports the business. Working within the community can expose a company to processes and/or skills that if implemented, can improve [...]

Who We Work With – Our Partners in the Construction Industry

Taurus is connected to several associations and companies that help us maintain high standards of competency and quality. Our partnerships vary as need dictates; to gain a better understanding of the of the commitment Taurus has to superior work and client service, it’s helpful to note who our partners are. Alberta Construction Association The ACA [...]

5 Creative Shipping Container Construction Projects

In 2006, Southern California Architect Peter DeMaria, designed the first two story shipping container home in the US as an approved structural system. Shipping container architecture has grown in popularity over the last several years due to the containers wide availability, low expense, and inherent strength. All shipping containers are the same width and come [...]

5 Hidden Dangers on the Construction Site

Construction sites are high risks areas, it’s undeniable. In fact, in a 2014 survey featured by Time, construction laborers had the third highest number of deaths, next to truck drivers and agricultural workers. Take a look our list of 5 hidden dangers you might not always consider when on the construction site. 1.Tools and Machinery There’s this [...]

4 Ways to Increase Productivity on the Job Site

Creating productivity on a construction site is beneficial for any business as optimal productivity translates into financial profitability. Avoiding delays and implementing plans that address problem areas are helpful in dealing with overall productivity. More specifically, here are four helpful ways to ensure that productivity is being dealt with effectively. Before the project starts, analyze [...]

The Construction Problems of the Rio Olympics

Mega-events such as the Pan American Games in 2007 and the FIFA Confederation Cup in 2013 translated into an era of massive construction for Brazil. In the late 2000’s Brazil was on an economic hot streak. Fast paced construction was the driving force of the Brazilian economy. Projects such as large hydropower dams, railways, oil [...]

5 Ways to Prevent Injury During Excavation

Hazards during excavations can lead to serious incidents involving workers at construction sites. Trenches are the most serious threat as workers can be critically injured or die in cave-ins. Hazards such as falling into trenches or excavations, tripping over debris, objects falling on workers, exposure to underground services or overhead electrical cables, unstable adjacent structures, [...]

5 Construction Projects Currently Underway in Alberta

The economic downturn has certainly affected Alberta’s economy, but despite setbacks, construction projects are continuing to thrive. As the economy moves towards recovery here are some current interesting projects that are having a positive impact on the Alberta economy. The North West Bitumen Refinery Phase 1 Alberta’s first refinery to be built in more than [...]

5 Benefits of Working in the Skilled Trades

With the uncertainty of the economy in Alberta, making decisions regarding career and job choices is becoming more and more difficult. There is no assurance that jobs will be available and it may be time to re-evaluate the belief that a university education guarantees a secure future. People have always sought the ultimate white collar [...]