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Our Quality Management System


The principal and defining objective of Taurus Projects is to provide our clients, whether they’re in Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, or the general Alberta area, with the highest in quality while maintaining a cost-effective construction service on all our projects.

How do we do this?

Through the fulfillment of the client’s needs and expectations until the we reach complete client satisfaction.

This includes:

  • A commitment to timely delivery of all projects in as cost effective a manner while maintaining quality levels that go beyond the client’s expectations.
  • Developing and implementing our internal quality management procedures in order to achieve the desired quality of all projects.
  • A continuous level of improvement in the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  • Making sure that all team members, subcontractors, and suppliers are fully and completely aware of Taurus’ quality policy and that they follow the quality management procedures mentioned in our Quality Management System manual.
  • To eventually incorporate our ISO 9001 Quality Management System in all phases of our operation.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System has 8 principles incorporated in it.

  1. It is customer focused.
  2. It requires unity of purpose and direction of the organization through effective leadership.
  3. It must have every member of the team involved, at all levels of the organization.
  4. A process-based approach.
  5. Systematic approach to identifying, understanding and managing interrelated processes as a system contributes to the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its objectives.
  6. A belief in continual improvement.
  7. A factual and objective approach to decision making.
  8. A mutually beneficial supplier relationship!

We believe that this Quality Management System should be operated on all projects, regardless of nature, size, or complexity, We will also review it at least annually to ensure our systems are working to the best of their ability.