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The Quarterly Safety Symposium With Dan Comiskey

The Quarterly Safety Symposium!

On September 25th, 2015, we hosted Quarterly Safety Symposium with our client the North West Redwater Partnership as our guests! There were approximately 175 people in attendance at the Symposium, including workers, supervisors, sub-contracts, client representatives, and all of Taurus management.

We had the opportunity to hear from Dan Comiskey, former Edmonton Eskimo, playing football in the Canadian Football League for over 13 years, under 40 different professional coaches, and retiring in 2010 as a two-time Grey Cup champion and perennial all-star. Through these coaches, who were behaviour change specialists, Dan became an expert in the fundamentals of habit change. He has also co-written four books: “The Truth About Success,” “Enduring Principles of Leadership,” “My Rules.” and “Professional Coaching.”

Dan has drawn parallels between the corporate world and the world of professional football, giving him a unique insight into team building, leadership, and the importance of a team’s or group’s unified vision. He gave a message that was both inspirational and heartfelt, speaking of the human heart’s capacity to overcome adversity and the essential mindset that is necessary to do so. In the end, any team can overcome the most difficult of situations, but what counts is our ability to do so while simultaneously protecting the well being of our communities. According to Dan, that is what separates the survivors from the champions.

Dan’s presentation included:

  • Accountability in Team Safety
  • Habit Creation
  • How Our Habits Affect The Team – Personal Accountability

Workers, supervision, and client representation expressed how much they enjoyed hearing Dan speak, how much they got out of it, and their appreciation for the talk, over and over, even weeks after! He was dynamic, personable, and even allowed everyone to take photos with him and wear his Grey Cup Championship ring!