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We Recently Were A Part Of One Of The Most Significant Energy Projects In Alberta!

Every once and a while, we here at Taurus Projects believe it is valuable to publicly show the projects we are proud to be working on day in and day out. It is part of a the transparent outlook we have with regards to our community in the Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and Alberta area.

This next project we’re excited to share. It is the Northwest Redwater Partnership, which is making quite the splash is Alberta.

The Project:
It is currently one of the most significant energy sector projects in Alberta’s recent history. This refinery is the first in the world to incorporate gasification and carbon capture and storage into its processes. It’s also the first refinery to be built in Canada in 30 years. Becoming a part of this project was an extremely competitive endeavour in which every aspect of Taurus’s business was tested. We provided a wide range of civil services to the project: from site clearing and earthworks, to equipment rental and handling.

The Challenge:
Be the most high-performing, cost-conscious, and safe contractor for the project’s heavy civil needs.

The Result:
Taurus was placed under a microscope in every aspect of our work including safety, performance, costs, quality and environmental. We more than met the challenge and after a competitive tender process, we earned ourselves a 36 month extension and the full support of the client’s representatives. Currently, the project is still ongoing and while the challenges are plenty, we are meeting them head on.  We are gaining speed, manpower levels are increasing, and our success is all but guaranteed at on our current path.

Here’s a quick endorsement from a client that are proud to say we worked with!

“Taurus Projects Group Inc. has provided exceptional service and response to meet the demanding needs of our Revamp Project in live processing plants. They have provided excellent response times and reliable equipment to complete their assigned tasks. They have executed their daily work safely with no major incidents while on our site. They have worked closely with our project management team to ensure they provide best value in all the services they provided. Their management and supervision have been very easy to work with and I would have no reservations of working with them on any future projects. ”   – Greg Perron, P. Eng. – Project Manager, Major Projects

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