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Safety Advice From The Simpsons

At Taurus Projects, safety is literally the #1 thing on our mind. No job is too big and no task too important to do a job safely. Our commitment to safety is at the heart of everything we do in the construction industry.

In today’s blog, we wanted to go over a few safety tips provided by The Simpsons! While these popular posters send important safety messages in humorous ways, we are 100% serious about the message that they send.

1) Using the appropriate PPE is an important part of the any job. We even wrote a blog on the appropriate PPE titled “Wearing Appropriate PPE” which you can read HERE.

2) You might think PPE looks silly and not understand the reasons behind wearing them, but imagine how silly you would look with an eyepatch or a life-long injury!

3) Safety is a group responsibility. Team work and assisting each other is one of the surest way to have a safe workspace.

4) Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to any warnings or signs that indicate a potential safety hazard.

5) Again, wearing appropriate PPE has to do with understanding the dangers of your environment.

6) If you see a safety violation, don’t hesitate to speak up to a supervisor. We’ve written an article that explains how to speak up HERE.

7) Your hands are probably the second most important part of your body (aside from your head). Gloves must generally be worn at all times when performing work. There may be exceptions depending on the task. A risk assessment should be performed.

8) Make sure you have the right PPE for the job!

9) Here’s Taurus’ rules for head protection. Always know what is required by your company:

CSA Z.94.1-92 (R1998) or ANZI Z89.1-1997 approved.

Check condition of hard hat suspension and shell frequently.
Hard hats must not be altered, e.g. drilling holes, painting them, etc.
Hard hats shall be worn brim forward
Hard hat stickers; only site specific stickers (identifiers) will be allowed.
Only company supplied hardhats will be worn.

10) Keep your mind on the task at hand! Distraction leads to injury!

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