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Short Service Worker

At Taurus, we generally try to hire experienced or seasoned personnel who have previously worked in the industry or their field; however, sometimes hiring someone new to our industry just can’t be helped. Studies show that in the heavy industries up to 25% of injuries (every fourth worker) will be injured within the first 30 days of starting their new job. Think of that — the first 30 days!
This makes sense if you think about everything you know about your jobs. There’s so many small things that just haven’t crossed your mind or that you have no idea about when you start a new position. Over 90% of all injuries are caused by an unsafe act – someone doing things the wrong way. How many of these injuries do you think happened because the worker just didn’t know the safest or smartest way to get it done, or didn’t want to ask?
All of this is the reason why we use a program called Short Service Worker (SSW) or the greenhand program. It applies to all employees who have 6 months or less experience in their particular industry or with the company. The program ensures that all our contractors and employees will have the proper orientation and requirements prior to performing any work. After that, they will be working under direct on-site supervision from a designated employee who will serve as their mentor.
All SSW requirements are as follows:

  1. An initial employee orientation is required.
  2. SSWs shall be kept to a minimum on a work location.
  3. SSWs may only work under the direct on-site supervision of a designated contractor employee.
  4. The contractor / person in charge must provide written notification of all SSWs working.
  5. SSWs should be easily identifiable while on work locations.

If you wish to learn more and the SSW (greenhands) project, check out this excellent resource.
Think safety, act safety!