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How To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat!

One of our most read blogs was our tips for dressing for the cold winter months in Edmonton (which there are many!) You can read about that blog post HERE. But there’s a flip side to that article, which we want to present to you today. Some of our neighbours to the south might not think that it can get that warm in Fort Saskatchewan or Edmonton, but they would be wrong! In fact, just a few days ago temperatures got up to 35+ Celsius (about 95+ Fahrenheit)! Now that’s warm! And like frostbite or hypothermia, the reason why they’re so common is because they can jump up on you without you even realizing it. Which is why we’re doing this blog post!

Here are 10 tips to staying cool during the summer season!

Training! It should always be at the top of any summer safety list. Workers should be able to recognize the symptoms of heat stress and what to do if they or a coworker displays any of those symptoms.

Make sure workers are hydrated! Water is the key to staying cool during the summer months.

Make sure workers have enough to eat before and after their shifts, as sweating will zap you of essential nutrients.

Add breaks to the schedule, ideally in a shaded area.

As much as possible, schedule heavy projects early or late in the day, when temperatures are relatively moderate.

Have workers wear light-colored, breathable, loose-fitting clothes. However, do not compromise on wearing appropriate PPE gear!

Remind workers to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas before their shift and periodically thereafter.

Provide workers with tinted safety glasses to prevent glare and eye damage.

An industrial cooling vest can be worn to help maintain a consistently cool body temperature. Vests are a great option when working in the heat is unavoidable.

Bring portable, outdoor air-conditioning units and dehumidifiers to the jobsite, especially for areas where heavy work is being done or surfaces can become extremely hot to the touch.

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