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Staying up to date, part 1: 9 Construction Twitter Accounts To Follow!

At Taurus Projects, we have our pulse on our industry. We are constantly striving to stay up to date on who to follow, what publications to watch or read, and the latest in the construction industry, whether it’s in the general construction industry or the Alberta construction industry.

One of the best ways to stay up to date on everything in your industry is to follow the best in your industry. For that reason, we have compiled some of the accounts that we follow.

Here are our top 10 construction accounts to follow on Twitter.

1. @conappguru

Followers: 5300

Rob McKinney is the king of construction apps, technological advancements, reviews, and an expert analysis of new products on the market.

2. @EquipmentToday

Followers: 24.3K

Equipment Today is a highly active aggregate construction source that relays industry tweets from other news outlets. They generally tweet construction-related news, resources and information for construction businesses.

3. @Fieldlens

Followers: 2500

FieldLens is a mobile platform for construction communication that tracks every task, every conversation, every note. It’s one of the new construction apps available, but it’s also a construction Twitter that stands out from the noise, retweeting and reposting unique and interesting construction articles from around the web.

4. @ktom17

Followers: 4000

Katy Tomasulo offers a mix of both building, construction, and marketing tweets, giving her a unique perspective on a market that is traditionally channeled through industry people.

5. @DodgeData

Followers: 30.4K

Dodge Data is a construction industry data & analytics provder that gives comprehensive and timely info on construction projects, companies, people, and the general industry.

6. @dietz_econ

Followers: 1700

For general economy news, Robert Dietz is a great source, as he is the Chief Economist, National Association of Home Builders. He also has a blog, titled “Eye on Housing,” which goes over the latest in residential industry and the economy at large, relating to the housing industry (which, as we all know from 2008, is closely related to the general economy).

7. iContractornet

Followers: 1000

Although this is a company selling resources to contractors, it keeps a pulse on industry news, retweeting and reposting big infrastructure projects, everything construction, economics, and more. Bonus: they’re not afraid to use a little comedy to get their point across.

8. ConstructionMag

Followers: 32.5K

Construction executive covers a complete A to Z on the construction industry in North America, from commercial, industrial to speciality projects. A must follow!

9. AGCofA

Followers: 28.7K

the AGC of America focuses not on construction news, but the construction professionals who work in the industry, promoting their skill, integrity and responsbility of those who “build America.” Beyond that, they also post general construction updates and news!

And last, but not least, if you’re not following Taurus Projects, you need to get on that! You can find us HERE.

Stay tuned for next week, when we go over part two: the best 10 online resources to stay on top of the construction industry.