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Staying up to date, part 2! 9 online resources to help you stay up to date on Alberta construction!

In the construction industry it is important to be up to date with what is happening in your local area, province, country, and the rest of the world. It is a highly competitive market and if you want to be a leader, you have to put in the time to fully understand every aspect of the business world you are operating in. To help you do this, we’ve compiled 10 of the best construction resources you can find online.

Journal of Commerce

The Journal of Commerce has been delivering essential construction news and tender information to western Canada’s construction industry for well over a 100 years. They publish twice weekly and offer a range of easily navigable topics and subject matter. Fully comprehensive with just about everything you need to know about the industry in Western Canada. Sponsored content, procurement perspectives, interviews, regular segments such as “construction corner” and much more characterize a site that you could spend hours in.


One of the best ways to stay up to date with any aspect of the world is through twitter. Log on and start follow organizations, news agencies, contractors, co-workers, and people of interest. Eventually you will become part of a online twitterverse community, with up to the second knowledge of what is happening in the industry.

As this is the second part of our “staying up to date” series, here’s part one, that looks at the 10 best construction accounts on twitter!

Canada Green Building Council

The CGBC is your source for everything green when it comes to construction in Canada. Since 2002, they have been working to advance green building and sustainable community development practices across Canada. They are a non-profit organization that has grown to become an authority in sustainable development. If you are thinking of building green, this should be your first stop.

CCD Canada

CCD is a Canadian day-to-day surveillance tool for construction and investment projects in the industrial and real estate world. They publish a comprehensive list of projects in Canada, featuring information and data on commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-residential, and civil projects; whether for construction, modernization or major supplies. This database is consulted by a client base comprised of architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and distributors of products and services.

Alberta Construction Magazine

For everything in Alberta construction this digital magazine is the destination. It’s Alberta’s only business magazine devoted to covering the construction industry. Reporting on the latest commercial, industrial, and institutional projects, association news, environmental design, and project management strategies for over 35 years. It takes the pulse of the market, monitors the trends, and celebrates the industry’s movers and shakers. This magazine will give you the local perspective that may not be found in other magazines.


As one of Canada’s main construction magazines, it offers a plethora of easily accessible online content.  The user friendly layout of the website allows for easy navigation, and the feel that you are reading a magazine rather than conducting research. With plenty of news, features, products, events, and videos to choice from, it’s a great stop for any construction enthusiast.

Construction Canada

Another one of Canada’s best online construction magazines gives you another option for finding material that suits your needs and interests. Full disclosure: it isn’t as user friendly as On-site, but is still chalked full of great articles and information. One thing to note is that it has a bigger focus on the design aspects of construction. Interior layout and design, exterior architecture, appliances, etc. It also gives you access to a job board for those in employment transition.


Although the layout of the website isn’t anything to write home about, the information on it is. For those just getting into the industry or are looking to get ahead, this website offers technical know how, tips, learning resources, experiential accounts, skills, and information on all aspects of construction. Worth a look if you think you are in need of some personal improvement.


If you are looking to connect and build business relationships with other companies, organizations, co-workers, clients, or other company employees LinkedIn is a fantastic resource to use. One of the toughest aspects of running a company is proper recruiting. LinkedIn brings qualified people to you, and allows you to find possible candidates with ease.
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