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Taurus in the Community – How We Help Our Neighbors

The benefits of community-business partnerships are numerous. From a business perspective, the relationship provides visibility for companies working within the community. A partnership can open up new business opportunities when the community directly or indirectly supports the business. Working within the community can expose a company to processes and/or skills that if implemented, can improve business operations. For Taurus, the main reason for a community-based partnership is simply to give back to the community. Contributing to the greater good and the betterment of society is a core value that Taurus is committed to.

Taurus believes that being involved in sports assists in creating and developing a healthy lifestyle. By promoting teamwork and healthy lifestyles, young people are provided with the foundation to succeed in life. Some of the agencies Taurus has been involved with are the Fort Saskatchewan Minor Hockey Association, Devon Minor Baseball, and Fort Saskatchewan Lacrosse. In addition, they supported the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation in 2014 by being involved with the Olympics Hockey Marathon for Kids. They are involved with the NAIT Athletic Scholarship Program which awards athletic scholarships to students. NAIT parallels Taurus’s values as it recognizes that participation in intercollegiate sport has a positive impact on the overall development of students.

Taurus also supports a variety of other community agencies. They have been directly involved with the Fort Saskatchewan Toy and Food Drive. For many years the Fort Saskatchewan Motorcycle Association holds a Cancer Ride and Motorcycle Weekend to raise funds for the Cross Cancer Institute. The ride encompasses a route of about 200 Kilometers through towns and hamlets around Fort Saskatchewan. Over the past years, the event has grown and has become the second largest contributor from the ranks of the nonprofit organizations raising money for the Cross Cancer Institute.

The ALS Society of Alberta is another association that Taurus supports. ALS, often known as Lou Gehrig’s disease is a rapid, serious neurodegenerative disease which attacks the nerves in the body. Individuals affected by this disease are left completely immobilized with an inability to talk, swallow and breathe. The society is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and support for people suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It is one of the largest funders of ALS research across Canada. Once again, this agency complements many of Taurus’s core values. They believe in respect, caring, service and accountability and are dedicated to the betterment of people affected by ALS.

Creating a successful business often includes caring for a wider community. A partnership can help employees feel that the effort they put into work every day contributes to the greater good. Having happier staff can lift morale and increase productivity. Knowing that the firm you are working for compassionately contributes to society in meaningful ways promotes connection and involvement on an individual and corporate level. Taurus sets an exemplary example for staff and all members of the community who are involved with the company.