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Back in September 2014, we implemented a driver training program to ensure that all employees at Taurus Projects were properly trained in all facets of transportation on and off a job site. The program we provided made it so it was required for all staff who would be driving or operating a vehicle that was either leased or owned by Taurus, as part of their duties to take a training program. What we covered in the course was:

Defense Driving

The best way to protect yourself against injury is with defensive driving. Always think ahead and take preventative measures both before you’re behind the wheel and during.

Inclement weather

Snow is a reality in Edmonton, which is why we teach how to account for weather conditions that may be less than optimal. We even wrote a blog about it once! You can read that HERE.

Journey Management

Managing your time, your load, and your person, while travelling from point a to point b.

Load securement

We went over how to properly and effectively secure a load and remove a load.

Off- Highway driving

We build roads, which means we often are not driving on them, and understanding how to safely drive on less than ideal road conditions is crucial to getting our job done effectively.

This program is just one of the many that shows how committed Taurus’ Safety Department is to adding more safety programs for our workers and subcontractor’s. Programs will be provided based on occupational requirements and needs assessment from trending, employee input and Federal Provincial requirements.

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