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Taurus Implements Brand New Zero-Emission Fire Training

Taurus is moving forward with a new fire training simulator to ensure all employees within the organization are confident should they, in the worst case scenario, be faced with a fire. In that case, they will have the ability to assess and then effectively deal with the situation. This training simulator is an interactive fire training without the well-known disadvantages of cleanup, danger, environmental impact, burn permits, weather cancellations, and restrictions on fire size that come with traditional fire training simulator. This unit is completely portable and produces zero emissions, making it easy to conduct onsite training without the traditional risks of live burning. This new training procedure is objectively better in all degrees, including practicality, environmentally, and safety.

Here are some features and benefits of this system:

  • Create You Own Fire Scene – using real video footage of live fires allows you and your staff to control and customize the size of fire you desire, whether it take place in a garbage can and/or on a large piece of equipment.
  • Ready, Aim, Fire! – A non-laser built-in pointing light indicates the exact spot an extinguisher nozzle is directing the agent. This is crucial for learning and teaching proper technique.
  • Determine Efficacy of Extinguishing Agent – Sensors accurately detect the impact – and effectiveness – of an extinguishing agent on a given fire.
  • Adjust levels of difficulty – By changing fuel flammability, the effectiveness of an extinguishing agent, the re-flash speed and the discharge time, you can make fires easier or tougher to fight depending on each trainee’s skill level.
  • Simulated Fire, Real Sound – You can include customized sounds consistent with real live fire situations into your fire scene and reproduce those audio effects using two amplified stereo multimedia speakers.
  • View Statistical and Consumption Data – Compiled computerized records are accessible on daily and total consumption levels of fuel and extinguishing agent based on equivalent live fire training. Records also show daily and total values for fires ignited, extinguished and missed.
  • Track Results – Type in student names in advance or on the fly and let the computer keep track of results for later printing and filing. Or even select “Print Certificates” to generate a delineated student name file to print individualized course completion certificates.

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Over the next couple of weeks, we will be conducting this brand new fire training both in-office and on-site and will be providing you with photos of the process so stay tuned!

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