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Taurus Projects: A Year In Review!


Well, another successful year down, another one ahead of us! There was a lot packed into one short little year, but that’s what we’re here for! Here’s our biggest and brightest highlights from 2015, for your viewing pleasure!
One of our biggest accomplishments: On the 16th of April, we were officially named the Contractor Of The Year in the Heavy Civil category by Alberta Venture. It was a huge ordeal and was a great way to start off the first half of the year. You can see our official speech we gave at the award ceremony, along with a few pictures from the event HERE.

One of our most popular blogs: Well, it’s been about 15 months since we’ve had this little blog of ours and it continues to grow and grow! But what was the most popular blog we had all year? That would be our blog post titled “7 Construction Industry Myths That May Surprise You.” Go on and give it a read! There’s a reason it’s so popular! And we assure you, you will be surprised!
One Of The Largest Projects: We were involved in so many that it’s hard to choose, but our work with the North West Redwater Partnership was definitely up there! You can read all about it HERE.
One of our best moments: Finally, our best moment! It might be because it was so fresh in our mind, but we got the chance to meet with Canadian Football League legend Dan Comiskey at the Quarterly Safety Symposium. That is all detailed in this blog post HERE.
Again, what a year! We can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us!
Happy New Year!