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Three Things That Might Revolutionize The Heavy Civil Industry

Today is earth day, an annual event that is celebrated on April 22nd across the wonderful globe that we call our home. It is a day to celebrate and honour the earth, and look for ways in which we can improve our surrounding environment. This is something that is important to us at Taurus. We are aware that this is a community that we not only work in, but one that we live in, that our family and friends live in, and so on. That is why we wanted to spend today’s blog looking at four innovations that might just be the future of Heavy Civil and may lend to helping our planet and managing our resources.

1) Kinetic Roads – With the natural resources diminishing each day, an Italian company “Underground Power” assumed responsibility to create a sustainable and more eco-friendly power source. It has developed a way to capture the dissipated kinetic energy of braking automobiles to generate electric current and can possibly generate current equivalent to 19 tons of oil in just one year period.

2) Smart Highways – The first smart highway project came up in the Netherlands recently where the traffic markings are made up of a special new luminescent paint that glows in the dark. Similar glowing stones are used for bicycle paths. The next step is to paint the roads with a special paint that shall react to the temperature and give warnings about the weather to the traffic drivers traveling on those roads. This would allow us to save energy by not expelling it on side lights and lighting road signs.

3) Solar Roads – Everyone has seen the classic solar road video. These tiles will be able to convert the sunlight falling on roads into electricity and also has load bearing capacity upto 125 tons. It is not long before we shall see the roads and sideways become the largest power networks of the world!

You can watch the indiegogo campaign for that here:

On the subject of the environment, we also wanted to point out that we do offer a number of environmental services. You can read about that here: